F.E.A.R. dev working on cross-gen open-world title

F.E.A.R. developer Monolith is working on an open-world action-adventure title targeted at both current and next-gen consoles, a job ad for the studio has revealed.

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SlapHappyJesus1843d ago

A new AAA release from Monolith?
Yes please.

WeAreLegion1843d ago

It's only been eight years. I can't wait.

r211843d ago

Their FEAR games were an amazing balance of great horror and action. Looking forward to whatever IP they have if they can get the same feel from FEAR.

Tatsuya 1843d ago

where you get to play as the monsters yourself? count me in!

nick3091843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

I want claw 2 , condemned 3 and fear 4 ):

SlapHappyJesus1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

I don't know.
I've always felt that Monolith was good at two things:

Original IP
Improving on others original IP

Whenever it came to sequels of their own games, they never seemed to be as good as the original. Condemned 2 was an all around good game, but it didn't create the chills or sense of tension of the first one. Went too over-the-top and contained too much action too much of the time. No build up. FEAR 2, in my opinion, was utter garbage. I loved the original and its expansions.