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Agent_hitman1630d ago

Alright, Activision wants us to like that page..

famoussasjohn1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

As do other companies and developers when they have a new product coming..

IIC0mPLeXII - It would be a new product considering Call of Duty: Ghosts has never been released. Now if it was another Modern Warfare game..

IIC0mPLeXII1630d ago

Using the term "new product" is a little in a grey area when it comes to this franchise man.

fermcr1630d ago

I don't think I'm getting Call of Duty, Battlefield, Killzone nor Halo this year. I'm getting fed up with these FPS's.

DeadlyFire1630d ago

Well you don't have to play them. There are other games out there as well.

TheFallenAngel1630d ago

Is Ghost going to be the main character? I hope so.

trenso11630d ago

Why? Cause of his voice? Or maybe it's his complex personality. I don't even get why people are even attracted to the characters in the COD series they have no life or personality to them really, and a very one dimensional. With no character growth or anything that really makes them stand out. So why do you want ghost to be the main character again?

Gamer-401630d ago

I hope, Ghost main character, one best CoD character.

DoomeDx1630d ago

Why is ghost such an awesome character according to like..everyone!?

I thought his character was pretty much like the other CoD characters. Dull and boring.

If its just the skull mask that makes him awesome..Then CoD is doing a horrible job with character development

Ken221630d ago

Idk man on COD4 the characters really got attached to me.It's sad how they all day.

Gamer-401630d ago

Military FPS best characters this:
For me.


Ok, you say, CoD is doing a horrible job with character development. No name Battlefield "DICE" characters better? I dont think so.

I wait CoD: Ghosts new engine for next-gen.

Jek_Porkins1630d ago

It's the mystery of it, like Boba Fett, I didn't think there was anything special about him, but he has a huge following. A lot of people (myself included) have been following these characters since 2007, so I think going back to before the events of MW2 could make for a fun game.

-GametimeUK-1630d ago

Darklink was awesome in OOT and he isn't around for long. Some characters just have the wow factor and I must say Ghost is one of them. I think he was further developed outside of the actual game too.

DoomeDx1630d ago

@ Gamer-39. Where did I mention anything about Battlefield?

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ginsunuva1630d ago

didn't we meet ghost for about an hour an a half total?
and we heard him talk 3 times?

well, I guess he's still better than all the other pathetic COD "characters" aka npc's with green names on them

-GametimeUK-1630d ago

Darklink from OOT. He was a sub boss, little involvement in the whole game and is gone very quickly. He is also a very popular character.

BattleReach1630d ago

Finally, a Facebook page. Because we don't wanna see a trailer.

john21630d ago

It is rumored that a trailer may get released at around 6:15PM today

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