This Entire PS3 Game Is About Squeezing Mayonnaise On Rice

In Vividred Operation: Akane and the Mayo Operation you help Akane squeeze a large bottle of mayonnaise on a bowl of rice by rotating the analog stick.

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Snookies121875d ago

This... This is the game I've been waiting all my life for.

GribbleGrunger1874d ago

I'm not a lover of Mayonnaise so I'm going to pass.

ziggurcat1875d ago

what the hell is wrong with the japanese?

r211875d ago

The game is based on an anime bout future girls who have some sort of super power. The devs decided to stray from that and make...this. Brilliant development right there.

OlgerO1874d ago

Just some minor adjustments.

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The story is too old to be commented.