Jade Raymond talks PS4 and playing the platform game

Edge-Online asks Raymond on whether PlayStation 4 really is easier to work with, if console platforms are losing their relevance and how Ubisoft’s approach to game development is changing.

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AkatsukiPain1907d ago

Love Jade & love the quote from her about Mark Cerny.

"I’ve known Mark Cerny from being in the industry a long time so it was cool to see him turn up in this new role. He came to the studio was chatting with everyone, gave a talk about what they were thinking and was open to discussing changes where he got feedback on things, so I think that’s a new approach, something we’ve never seen before – first-parties taking that much feedback from the developers."

Just shows u how close sony is with developers. They really are open to them & not just throwing money down their throats. Good read.

Shinra Tensei

miyamoto1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Sony's genuine concern about console gaming industry is incredible!
Their principles are rock solid.

infamous second son!

AkatsukiPain1907d ago

I know the lost alot of money during the ps3 life cycle and even heard some of the big bosses didnt get their bonuses but they still manage to keep delivering their consumers amazing games even this late in the ps3's life cycle. If that doesnt prove that they care for their consumers then I dont know what is. They definitely got me onboard the ps4 bandwagon.

Shinra Tensei

MikeMyers1906d ago

Sony is getting back to their original roots. Both the PS2 and PS3 were difficult systems to work on and Sony pretty much had to adapt after all the problems getting developers to fully understand the hardware. When you have a platform as popular as the PS2 that becomes the lead platform. That rarely happened on the PS3 and because if that the developers either didn't take the time to fully exploit the hardware like 1st parties do, the development took longer like GTA IV, or we got inferior multiplatform games. Later on it wasn't as much of an issue.

I'm glad this time they are actually listening to game developers. We won't have these issues on the PS4.

abzdine1907d ago

nothing that we dont know already

ps3_pwns1907d ago

gonna get the ps4 this new gen like i got the ps3 this gen. gonna keep my ps3 for blueray playback and older games ps4 will be for the new stuff and blueray ftw. also jade is awesome i will buy her game. i love to play her games.

sway_z1907d ago

I always liked Jade Raymond...very attractive....mmmm

..Oh and she is probably very good at her Job too lol :)

jay21907d ago

Well, give us Beyond Good and Evil 2!

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