With PC Architecture, Why Game On A Console?

The PS4 is going all PC on us and we are wondering what keeps you coming back to consoles anyway? What's unique to the console world?

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AkatsukiPain1815d ago

Its simple. U wont be able to play sony 1st party games on pc. Heres a couple games, Uncharted series, God of War series, Warhawk, Heavy Rain, The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, and the list goes on.

Shinra Tensei

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pete0071814d ago

Sez who? Ps4 will easily be emulated and soon all software available on Pc and on bit torrent sites. Imagine How Sony feels about that

Dark_Overlord1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

You mean like the PS3 and 360? :/

AkatsukiPain1814d ago

You act like it wont happen to your favorite system aswell. Stop being a hypocrite & just go with the system u dig or own em all. Have a good day sir.

Shinra Tensei

one2thr1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Dude the PS2 emulators thats present usually have a clumsy time trying to run a game at a stable frame rate. Even then with a gtx 560 it still has a problem running a PS2 emulated game, even though it can play BF3 on high settings without dipping below 56 fps...

I can just imagine downloading a 20gig chunk of internet computer stuff, and then trying to run the game through an emulator... Not worth doing dude...

MysticStrummer1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

"Imagine How Sony feels about that"

It hasn't bothered MS all these years.

OT - The only reason I need it the fact that I've tried PC gaming a few times and always returned to console. For me, consoles serve my gaming needs just fine and I have no interest in gaming on my PC.

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Ken221815d ago

Cuz all my friends are on PS that's why.And we never have to worry if our machine can play an upcoming release like on PC.Now let's stop this fan boy crap and just enjoy our games OK? *Goes back to KZ 2*

Axonometri1815d ago

My question is more like
Why not just make the PS4 a PC also?

Qrphe1815d ago

For the same reason that consoles have always been the primary form of videogaming: accessibility. Even if all consoles could play were multiplats, they'd still be more popular than PCs.

FrightfulActions1815d ago

It's just easier and less expensive. Plus some people prefer to game comfortably on their couch/bed and not be tied to their desktop. You can work around that on a PC, sure, but it isn't as simple as just plugging your console into your tv.

PC gaming performance graphically degrades over time, too, which is a major issue to me. What may be a stunning Ultra-Resolution-Setting gaming rig today may only be able to handle games on medium/low quality a few years down the line. Console games on the other hand just keep getting BETTER with age. The older the console the more familiar the developers become with its hardware and the more capable they become at milking it for all its worth.

Graphically PC's will always be better than consoles but for a lot of us it isn't worth the time, money and headache to really keep up with the ever-changing market of graphic cards and processors.

Plus it's really nice to be able to buy a game and just KNOW it's going to be able to play. With PC games you need to make sure it's compatible with your system or else you may end up getting sluggish performance, or not even be able to play at all. Consoles on the other hand will always play the game.

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