'BioShock: Infinite' DLC to add a new A.I. companion writes, "Bioshock Infinite’s DLC plans are absolutely fascinating to me. A game who’s narrative is a complete story, without much room for expansion, will be getting new story driven DLC. I just don’t know where the story will go. But thanks to a LinkedIn post pointed at by Twitter user @supererogatory, we have a clue as to where things can go."

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Lionheart3771854d ago

No matter what, this new companion won't be as memorable as Elizabeth.

stickskills1854d ago

I'm 90% on board with you. There's a chance they could do something incredibly memorable in a side-story, but Elizabeth was fantastic.

RankFTW1853d ago

Watch out for spoilers below.

Roccetarius1854d ago

I think the problem is that we've been shown Elizabeth for so long, but this new character will have little meaning to us in so short time.

DarthJay1854d ago

My thoughts exactly. It could be a great character, but the allure of Elizabeth is the time invested with her.

stickskills1854d ago

Great point. What if the DLC is 6-8 hours and you're able to experience a similarly great adventure.. would that still not be enough?

Not disagreeing here, just trying to see what it would ultimately take.

joab7771854d ago

Levine says first dlc is a love letter to fans. A new AI character for a side story would not be this. But, going to rapture with an AI companion or having a little sister as an AI companion might be. I can't wait. I thought this article was saying they were looking for someone which would mean they hadn't started but its in the past so that's good.

schlanz1853d ago

I thought the same thing at first, then thought well you never know with Irrational.. they could surprise me like they usually do.

Bobby Kotex1853d ago

You need to get out more.

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MilkMan1854d ago

This is REAL DLC/Expansion.
That's worth a season pass.
Not this BS MP maps sh!t.

Zeniix1853d ago

Yeah I'm so excited man, can't wait=P

mydyingparadiselost1854d ago

Elizabeth at one point of production was a boy, not sure about the age, but that idea got scraped for 'Disney princess' Elizabeth. Anyone else think this boy might wind up being packaged as the DLC on some kind off side campaign?

fattyuk1854d ago

big daddy?

little sister?

DigitalRaptor1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

They say it's a love letter to fans, so to me that's either Rapture, Infinite prequel story, or both.

Try these mini theories on for size:

You play as Comstock in the many years Booker is wallowing in guilt and self-pity, before he arrives in Columbia.

You learn more about Elizabeth's past growing up in Columbia. You learn about the intriguing Lady Comstock. You interact with Songbird, learn about his creation. Perhaps back story to how Fink found the designs to build him (tear into Rapture and Big Daddy).

You learn more about Staltonstall - the politician from the early trailer - as a character. He was only very briefly touched upon in the game.

You play as Vox-Booker, during the uprising.

I could be wrong, but there's so much potential here. They could even go a step further and integrate Infinite's history with Andrew Ryan's/Rapture.

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The story is too old to be commented.