Project CARS Video Tests Max Settings Graphics On Nurburgring

Gaming Blend "Another community video has been released for the upcoming high-end racing simulator from Slightly Mad Studios. The video is a real-time capture of the game running on max settings on Nurburgring in a BMW M3 while the real-time day-cycle takes place, going from mid-day to dusk. Impressive is a word that doesn't do the video justice."

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seanpitt231937d ago

just looks like gran turismo on ps3

lilbroRx1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

No, it really does not. The fanvision is strong with you.

This is beyond anything the hardware in last gen consoles can produce.

coolmast3r1937d ago

Gran Turismo 5 might lack super-duper high-resolution textures and polygons in the trees but the lighting system of GT5 is still to be beaten.

minimur121937d ago

woah...... a whole day in that game is 8 minutes

(start of vid= daytime - end of vid = nighttime)

Larry L1937d ago

It may be you with the "fan-a-vision, or perhaps it's anti-fan-a-vision, where you either hate GT or hate Sony, or hate consoles and are therefore unwilling to give a console racing sim it's due. Or maybe it's just that you just don't really know what you're talking about when it comes to sim racing games compared to people who are really into the genre and do know what they're talking about.

The fact is, that when real racing sim fans who know what they're talking about, and have played many to most of the racing sim options out there talk about the Nurburgring, pretty much everyone I've heard speak their mind all come to a concensus on the matter.......Gran Turismo STILL (even over Project Cars) has the most accurate representation of the track in terms of racing surface and how cars interact with that surface.

No, GT doesn't have the most realistic foliage, or the most or nicest post-processing effects, or the best over-all visuals. But the big thing it does have over all of it's competition is bar none the best and most accurate Nurburgring. Go watch "Nurb GT5 vs Real life" videos. There are plenty of them out there. Every single bit of that track is just "right". It's perfect. Right down to same cars (real vs in-game with the same driver) over-steering in the same spots, or just having to counter-steer in the same spots, even the suspensions reacting the same way and tires screeching at the same points.

The GT5 vs Real life nurb vids are identical aside from things like foliage. Yet if you watch Project Cars vs GT5 Nurb vids.....which are out there, you see there are differences. And since the GT5 vs Real life are means PCars's Nurb is wrong. It's as simple as that.

Though I will give credit to SMS, they've made a HUGE leap in accuaracy for their Nurb over whatever track that was trying to be passed off as Nurburgring in Shift2. But there are still some inaccuracies in PCars like mystery elevation changes on certain parts of the track they shouldn't be there......or it's exaggerated more than irl or in GT5. There are a few other little things I could pick at if I wanted to keep typing like certain corners and straight lengths.

Much better than what they had before, and in terms of visuals, it's gorgeous, WAY better looking than GT5.....though that should be expected. But when it comes to accuracy and driving feel compared to real life on The Nurburgring.....GT5 just destroys everything else, and before that GT4 was the best. PD just puts alot of effort into recreating Nurb and it feels might be more accuarte.

And that's not a GT fanboy statement, though I do proudly admit to being a GT fanboy......that's a statement from a fanboy of simulation racing in general.

CommonSenseGamer1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )


Even Sony refer to GT as a a driving sim and not a racing sim. I thought GT handled great by played average. No qualifying laps, still a game of bumper cars in many respects, still bouncing off plastic tape barriers. Is GT still my most favourite driving game yes but as for a racing game it falls short.

However, comparing GT with a game that isn't anywhere near being finished...really?

As for the visuals...Project Cars is looking stellar!

Larry L1937d ago

@common sense

I'm aware PCars isn't finished, but I'm also aware that aside from environmental stuff to make the tracks look prettier, the tracks are pretty much what they are. I'm sure they could still make some adjustments to them if they really wanted to....and they may, but there's no real guarantee on that. The tracks all seem pretty complete, again....aside from decorations.

As for your critiques of GT5, ok fair enough. But I would ask, aside from the A.I. being displayed in PCars....which is like turned up to 11 btw, what sim-racing game has really good, challenging A.I.? I can't think of a single one that doesn't artificially make the A.I. look better with rubber band A.I.. GT doesn't use rubber band A.I.. ANd GT5 in particular doesn't give you any A.I. settings in career mode. You have to play in Arcade or on the pro-level seasonal events to race against GT5's actual good A.I.

Aside from PCars I've never seen truly challenging A.I. in a racer without a tight rubber band. And the few games that have had tough A.I. got the devs nothing but complaints. Real racing is to be had online. It's the only way you'll get hard blocking and unpredictable lines and opponents who actually try after you pass them. That doesn't just apply to GT.
As for the other things:

If GT had qualifying in the campaign, you'd never have to pass a single car. Online, GT DOES have qualifying before the races if you want it. How can you not know that if you claim to play the game?

Yeah, GT has the infamous invisible walls.......what circuit racing game doesn't? They just let you drive wherever you want? Without those invisible walls people could just cut half the tracks, or take crazy lines and get an advantage or wreck the field. Why do you want to drive off the track so badly in a circuit racing game? Seems like an odd criticism.

You want to talk about a REAL criticism for walls in a racing game, and it certainly isn't a problem for GT? Why does PCars STILL have those damned magnetic walls from Shift? God, you get on the outside of the track to apex a corner and these magnetic walls start pulling your car off track. It was Sim fans biggest grape about Shift 2, yet it's STILL there!! At least their delayed inputs are gone, but those magnetic walls are still there, destroying the driving experience.

And Bumper Cars? Really? You do realise that for a racing game to play like that is a choice of the person playing/driving at the time. If YOU are bumping or wrecking people or even A.I. to pass them, that's on YOU....not the game.

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jp_footy21937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

(Posted by mistake)

mcstorm1937d ago

Looks good but I do think this game is going to be a flop on consoles as we will have Drive Club and Forza 5 by the time this game comes out on current gen consoles.

jameson123451937d ago

Except this is coming out to all consoles, not just the PS3 or Xbox 360.

mcstorm1937d ago

Have they said its coming out for the PS4 and next xbox?

Larry L1937d ago


Not it hasn't been confirmed for PS4/720. In fact it's kinda been confirmed that they havn't really started development on those versions outside of just the general work being done on the game which would be applied to all versions.

I think it was just yesterday or the day before that SMS publicly said that while they are now "officially a PS4 developer", they are seeking more investors again to be able to fund a possible PS4 version of PCars. So it's confirmed that they want to do next-gen versions and even PLAN to do so, but it's also confirmed the specific next-gen console development hasn't started because they need funding.

Remember, in terms of budgets to do an "even higher than GT level" sim racer costs ALOT of money, which is why no one has an over-all better product than GT. GT5 cost 60Million bucks. But the PCars public investment program raised 3.75 million, which I believe was matched by either a publisher or the devs themselves. So they've been working with $7.5 million for the PC/PS3/360 and WiiU versions. That's NOTHING!! I personally don't believe that's enough money for the full vision of the game to be on just THOSE playforms......nevermind PS4 and 720 versions on top.

They're gonna need more money. I personally think they should turn to Sony and PSN for a new wave of public investors. The whole Gran Turismo audience are potential investors that would be happy to give $10 bucks out of our PSN wallets to get into a PS3 beta for this game that is continually updated with their feedback. And what better demographic to get their controller steering feel right (always been a problem for SMS) through beta testing than the demographic that knows that better than any other group of people: Gran Turismo players? It's win/win, plus if SMS can convince GT players, that's 10plus million potential sales right there on one platform. Even if they can only convince HALF of them, that would still make PCars the 2nd best selling racing game franchise just from sales on that single platform.

cyguration1937d ago

Dang...Larry L REALLY loves Gran Turismo and Sony.

DeadlyFire1937d ago

Why else do ya think they delayed this until 2014. Its coming to WiiU, PS4, and likely X720 as well.

lilbroRx1937d ago

I thought it got delayed because of legal issues in Britain. There were numerous articles about it.

mcstorm1937d ago

@DeadlyFire have they said its coming out for the PS4 and Next xbox though? Im getting it for the Wiiu but not seen anything that's said its out for the PS4 or next xbox.

DeadlyFire1937d ago

Yes they have a PS4 kit anyway it appears and are open to investment to push out a PS4/Durango version. They have not stated that its in development yet per say, but a port wouldn't be hard or add much time to development from PC to next consoles considering the large scale indie support Sony is accepting with PS4. Their words are in quotes below with "" marks.

"First up will be the PS4 and Durango versions opened for investment. Yes, I said INVESTMENT. smile", he continued. "I should also mention that we're now official PS4 developers."

I know yes legal matters, but the studio isn't going to just sit still and do nothing while its sorted. :P

mcstorm1937d ago

@DeadlyFire Are cool thx's for that info and its good to know it is looking like it will be on next gen consoles to.

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sprinterboy1937d ago

No doubt it looks good, but it looked so slow and the car seemed to look the width of the track, I think it will play very simalar to grand prix legends on PC from years ago which will not be a bad thing but not too everyone`s taste.

Animal Mutha 761937d ago

GPL was a masterpiece. For Project cars just give me 70 and 80's open wheel race cars,a manual gearbox and some long open road!

Gamer-401937d ago

True "PC feeling", i dont like.

MasterCornholio1937d ago

Drive club looks better to me.

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