Acer plans to join the console market

The taiwanese Notebook manufacturer Acer plans to enter into the console market. This communicated the senior Vice President, James T. Wong, on a press conference. Most current consoles are closed and proprietaere systems, which machine" on PC technology based "game machine"; from Acer is to set against it on open standards. This could mean that game developers would not have to pay license fees for the publication of plays on this system.

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heyheyhey3720d ago

this should be interesting

mikeslemonade3720d ago

I'm calling April fools on this one.

Pain3719d ago

What will PCbox360 do now when there is another place to play its games?

NovusTerminus3720d ago

Ummm... >.>... Yeah... I dont see this working out at all.

Ri0tSquad3720d ago

This was the same response people gave when Sony said they were going to come out with a gaming console. Now look at it. Sony is taken very seriously.

Genesis53720d ago

Why? The market is pretty cut throat right now. Unless you are launching with at least a handful of really good games and some promotional marketing genious on your side. I can't see it being anything but not a good idea.

Soren the Cat3720d ago

phantom 2.0 ftw?

(wasn't that the name of the console/pc that never got released?)

gaffyh3720d ago

Acer should try not to make crappy laptops which are DOA, or break in a few weeks of purchase, before they make a console. MS=16% failure rate, Acer will = 100% failure rate.

Also doubt it, I don't think Acer can compete

Silver3603720d ago

As they slow down piracy. Look at the PC and how developers get screwed every which way. And the cost MS lost billions to get in the market and Sony lost a billion just launching the PS3. They market is 1 too crowded and 2 who the heck would be buying this thing? Between the PS3, 360 and Wii where would anyone find time for a new system.

kydrice3720d ago

When Sony first came out with the Playstation people might of been a bit skeptic but then they looked around and saw that pretty much every piece of technology in their house besides their car was Sony and then realized that the radio inside the car was Sony as well. So what's Acer?

Omegasyde3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )


Honestly, the same principle you just stated can also be worked both ways. Look at Nokia and the Ncage. A Reputable company, with tried to step out into the portable gaming world.

Acer, also isn't the first people to create a low budget "living room" PC. Many companies have tried and failed.

"Internet TV" works, but "TV internet" doesn't..atleast not yet. They can claim you can play computer games in the living room, yet computer games are focused on keyboards/mouse (few exceptions) Computer games also tend to have online multiplayer only. (few exceptions)

jiinn3720d ago

Acer only need make a integrated, set-top PC based on DX10 & an embedded Vista.

They'll be able to bring PC games into the living rooms.

If they try and create a 4th "platform" (with their own standards, library and such), they'll fail badly.

The budgets are far too big to risk another platform. Getting off the ground will not work for another platform.

Sony entered at a good time, and Sega failed. MSFT has its PC-gaming history, software experience and existing relationships with game developers. Ninento has history.

If they built a "bring PC games to the living room" *standard target* they just might pull it off.

Homicide3720d ago

LOL! I have an Acer laptop and it sucks ass!

JsonHenry3720d ago

WOW! No license fees!?

If this is even close to selling even moderately people will be lining up around the block to make games for it.

Richdad3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Great: PC + Console in at a single price no paid live service etc. Games at cost of PC games it good.
Good: if console comes with 2 quad core processor and 8800 Sli and 4 GB Ram with its own sreen to play anywhere( like a laptop not PSP or DS)WOW.

Bad: if the console needs upgradation like PC seriously this will be a big issue.
Controllers, Virus protection ( Virus kind of slow the system) and you might be saying hey this games runs at 60fps but its looking like @20 fps. Price whore.

Future: Could be start of single console generation or end of ACer.

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Cyrus3653720d ago

There basically just releasing a Console version of a PC, so PC software works on the TV, or atleast thats what i got.

TheIneffableBob3720d ago

PC software already works on TVs...

Sayai jin3720d ago

The more competition the merrier, but I doubt this will last very long.

Superiorrior3720d ago

It'll definitely go the way of the old Panasonic console back in the day, in short, not very far.