PhysX Showcases The Best Real-Time Fluids - Position Based Fluids Demoed

DSOGaming writes: "We’ve criticized the PhysX effects in the past, but this new algorithm sports the best real-time fluids (aka water) we’ve ever seen. It’s no stretch to say that this digital water comes close to the real deal, which is a big accomplishment."

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Snookies121976d ago

That's pretty freaking awesome.

Derekvinyard131976d ago

This is amazing !!! Better then real water lmao

GribbleGrunger1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

I agree. It looks spectacular

Although it's rendered at 30fps so it can't be a high end PC :) [Again ... I'm just kidding]

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1976d ago

wow can't wait for ps4! So pc can use this.

fr0sty1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Pretty good. They still have the fluid looking too thick to be water (look at when the tank of water explodes, it gathers in one big globby mass in the center of the table instead of flattening out and conforming to the shape of the table), but it's definitely a leap in the right direction for a true water simulation in real time. Just to give an idea of how much of a leap this is, this video showcases what is used for professional pre-rendered CGI to do the same effect. It's the same concept, they just use more "little balls" to simulate the flow of water, and the foam effects are also much higher quality. It's a plugin called "Realflow" for 3D programs like Cinema 4D. The clips in the video I attached would take any single PC days to render, if not longer. To see someone coming as close to Realflow's pre-rendered CG water in real time is nothing short of amazing.

Crazyglues1976d ago

To say that looks Awesome, is an understatement....

This is Unreal... Just Wow...

I never get that impressed at these demos, but wow this is Amazing... Wow..

starchild1976d ago

Very awesome indeed. Water, hair, foliage....these are some areas that need to be drastically improved. With TessFx and this PhysX water simulation hopefully we are on our way to getting such things more often in games.

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john21976d ago

Since a lot of people will be wondering about the hardware used:

"According to YouTube's 'Zogrim' who uploaded the video, a GTX580 was able to handle both sim (~ 130k particles) and rendering at 30 fps."

elhebbo161976d ago

rendering at 30 fps with a 580? wow that takes a lot of power.

Studio-YaMi1976d ago

That's just too awesome,wish something similar could be accomplished on next gen consoles.

Probably not but who knows ? :0

Salooh1976d ago

Amazing. Imagine how it works in real life >.<.

FamilyGuy1976d ago

It's movements are very realistic but visually they made the water in this demo look a little like gel.

Timesplitter141976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Will be cool to see this slowly starting to appear in games. I know I've seen some fluid simulations in the Killzone demo (explosions and smoke were fluids, not particles).

You can tell though that they haven't quite nailed it yet, even though this is really impressive. It acts more like extremely fine, agitated sand than liquid. It lacks... viscosity? I dunno how to describe it. You know how two drops of water kinda suddenly fuse together when they get close? That's what it lacks

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