The 10 weirdest game boxes ever

It's marketing gone mad! When an obscure game finds its way onto Team NGamer's desks, the team take a careful look at the box, and realise they have no idea what the game inside could be.

It's not just Japanese games, either - here are the ten most random game boxes the team could find. Let's see what Team NGamer's finely-honed videogames instincts have to say about them...

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chasuk083721d ago

funny how their all japanese

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MK_Red3721d ago

LOL, the Julie finds A Way game one was awesome. Julie finds pole dancing...
And that game with all girls in bath with a boy...

level 3603721d ago

Yes, hah ha ha... the girl and the dog, the girl and the pole?, and the toilet guy.

Got to tell you though about this weird/cheap game I'ved downloaded from the Japanese PS3 Store, played a little but eventually deleted.
If you have an account for the Japanese version, you'll see this cover of a *blue hand crawling-out... all just live pictures with a lot of fire - you'll know what I mean when you can download it for sure...