77 million Xbox 360s sold

GS:Microsoft sold 1.3 million units in past three months to reach new overall life-to-date sales milestone; Xbox division sees revenue rise 56 percent to $2.53 billion.

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NYC_Gamer1582d ago

The 360 is being very successful for MS

darthv721582d ago

and no they were not RROD replacements. I like variants and each one is a different model than the other. 20gb Pro, 120gb Elite, 320gb Slim

xJumpManx1582d ago

Yea I have 3 myself. 2 slims ane one Jasper

1582d ago
Dlacy13g1582d ago

3 here as well...but I traded each one in for an upgrade: 20GB > 120GB Elite > 250GB MW2 Special edition.

I have been very tempted to pull the trigger on a slim but ultimately new hardware on the horrizon is keeping my piggy bank safe for the time being.

My PS3 120GB slim also seems content... for now.

SITH1582d ago

I have two slims now. My first Xbox died a year after elites came out. It was a launch system. I then got rid of the elite for a halo reach slim.

whoyouwit041582d ago

I have 2, the original Xbox 360 Core console, and the 360 S 250 GB. to be honest after all the complaint about RROD I am surprise I never had to replace my original 360. guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I thought about modding it, but then I thought why ruin a good thing.

EVILDEAD3601582d ago

'the ps3 already past 77million worldwide since january'

Nope they combine sales with the PS2.


moneygun21582d ago


Source? Are you just saying that because you want it to be true. The fact is PS3 will outsell the 360 worldwide by the generations end, just as sony said. Assuming it hasn't already (it has just look at there shipped count, they don't ship with the expectation not to sell)

Counting PS2 sales? WTF. Is this the same as MS counting refurbished hardware. Because thats been proven. I don't believe sony counting 2 platforms into one sales total has.

Looking forward I hope for some IP reveals by first party MS. If its just more Halo, Fable, Forza, count me out.

AlphaJunk1581d ago

@Skarlett Wow, thanks that informative reply! It had so much to do with what darthv72 and NYC_Gamer posted. I bet you did very well in school during group discussions @_@.

omi25p1581d ago

I have 3.

One working launch Xbox, A 120gb Fat Xbox and a 250gb Slim.

Skarlett, Sony Shipped 77 million MS Sold 77 million. Big different's.

Dark_Overlord1581d ago


The only thing MS and Sony count is how many they sell to retailers, past that point they know virtually nothing. As long as a retailer keeps placing orders for more consoles, then that console is sold (you don't think they give them away do you?).

This whole shipped/sold arguement is pointless, as like I said the retailers buy them from MS and Sony, so it is still a sale.

darthv721581d ago

"The fact is PS3 will outsell the 360 worldwide by the generations end, just as sony said."

And you know what? SO the "F" what. MS can proclaim they made a huge improvement from xbox to xbox 360. sony cant say the same when comparing PS2 to PS3.

Sony's best run is the PS2. It's virtually double that of the PS3 (give or take). Just as Im sure MS's best run will be the 360. In many cases it's hard to top the 2nd system release.

Just look at every follow-up console from the likes of Sega, Atari, Nintendo to understand that popularity for a platform can reach an all time high and never get there again no matter how impressive the specs are for a follow-up.

Nintendo managed to do it again with the wii but the wii-u will never top it. Its a different time we live in now vs the 8bit and 16bit days.

Consoles are more approachable by those who dont game because of all the other things they are able to do. thats why to see numbers for these systems as compared to those of the 8bit and 16bit are so dramatically different.

AngelicIceDiamond1581d ago

Xbox is doing good for its old age. Hope the 720 is just as popular as the 360.

sikbeta1581d ago

More important thing is that X360 is about to overtake wii in America...

Kurylo3d1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I love how n4g, people bicker about 77 million vs 79 million. As though one console is shit and the other is all powerful. As though one gets to run a victory lap because the sales are so far ahead. I find it funny. Really is no winner or loser between the 2 of them. But in all honesty sony took a big hit this generation going from Uncontested # 1, to a clear competitor with microsoft almost dead even in console sales.. too nintendo outselling them. Next generation should be better for sony hopefully since they decided to go with a console thats built more like a pc so developers could do more with it. Now lets hope they dont release the ps4 with a $700 price mark like they did the ps3.

EVILDEAD3601580d ago

@ Moneygun

Source? Are you just saying that because you want it to be true

Nope I'm saying it because it is 100% fact that Sony for over a year combines the PS3 + PS2 for their shipment sales.

See their own financial shipment numbers if you don't believe.


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Knight_Crawler1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Well deserved sales if you ask me.

So much memories this gen with Halo, Gears of War, Alan Wake, Bioshock 1, Mass Effect 1, Saints Row, Dead Raising, Left for Dead and Lost Odyssey.

Here is hoping that the 720 delivers just like the 360 and more.

kreate1582d ago

My moments were ace combat, bioshock 1, mass effect 1+2, alan wake.

No gold for me back in those days. Beated gears single player campaign.

Disappointed w onechanbara and blue dragon.

_-EDMIX-_1581d ago

OMG I KNOW RIGHT! And I enjoyed "Gears of War, Alan Wake, Bioshock 1, Mass Effect 1, Saints Row, Dead Raising, Left for Dead" all on PC.......

So that leaves Halo or Lost Odyssey to get me to own a 360....err no...just no. I'm not buying a system for 2 to 3 games. Mind you I'm not a huge fan of Halo as it is.

Veneno1581d ago

Call me crazy but some of the most fun I had playing 360 was with the launch, cross-gen title, GUN lol.

Zeusprototype1581d ago

@edmix what a pointless comment, you sir are a moron.

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GamersRulz1582d ago

good for MS but I expected more tbh.

this number confirmed IDC numbers in Dec where it said that 360 is at 76m and PS3 at 77m

waiting for Sony numbers at E3

Blaze9291581d ago

sony doesnt give numbers out anymore lol

Transporter471582d ago

Well lucky you, i went through 8 360s all RROD, no joke or troll, im serious, when i called for the 7th they gave me Perfect Dark for free because the lady on the phone felt sorry for me and told me you have really bad luck so i'm going to give you a free game.

Transporter471582d ago

I get disagrees because i got very unlucky, and i was one of those people outside bestbuy waiting to buy a launch Xbox360. Guess my statement is wrong or something, wait this is N4G what did i expect.

Grap1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

well if u have at least little Dignity u wouldn't ask for third xbox. u should be asking fot ur money and buy ps3 or wii, but anyway that's if were ur story is true which i doubt.

Veneno1581d ago

I believe you. There really isn't a point to lie about rrod anymore. It happened to everyone and its not an issue anymore.

BlackTar1871581d ago

God look at all his disagrees

LOL jk you see how stupid is looks

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moneygun21582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

N4G is N4G

lilbrat231581d ago

Many were bought due to the RROD and others were bought for the piracy and about 1% for collector edition purposes. Which is why I am wondering if this is another reason the new xbox might be online only, to prevent piracy.

AngelicIceDiamond1581d ago

That's a stupid argument people have been using for years. since the beginning of the gen fanboys blame prod for sales.

If that was the case then why is 360 selling way more now than it has at the beginning of the gen with PROD? Despite PROD being virtually solved, you would think people would stop buying 360's by now right?

Why did the 360 overtake the wii in UK? why is it no.1 sold in US still. Sure sells are down but that's to be highly expected. Enough of this PROD excuse the argument is tired, dead and irrelevant.

Anybody else have anymore excuses? Anyway grats to 360, I hope 720 is just as successful if not more.

wishingW3L1581d ago

the RRoD argument is real. I have friends with 4-5 freaking broken Xbox for god's sake... I even have one friend that bought another one last month despite my attempts to convince him to buy a PS3. I told him about the exclusives, the free online and stuff and he was like: "yeah yeah, the PS3 sucks". He's been brainwashed and all to play COD and multiplats that are on the PS3 too. -__-

lilbrat231581d ago

@ AngelicIceDiamond

Enlighten me as to why the 360 sold so well? Games? Please Halo and Gears are nothing but please enlighten me.