NVIDIA To Launch GTX 700 Series GPU’s At Computex 2013?

Gamingio - NVIDIA is planning to launch it’s GTX 700 series at Computex 2013 in June. The source mentions, this would be a direct response from NVIDIA to AMD and it’s Never Settle campaign.

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decrypt2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

Cant wait. Though will be amazing when GPUs utilize GDDR 6. IMO that will be real upgrade.


GTX670 is amazing, most of the time within few FPS of the GTX680. They are amazing value.

Hydrolex2072d ago

I got 2 GTX 670s, I think I'll be good for 2 years... to run everything max settings, I hope so

RankFTW2072d ago

I have 2 GTX 680 Lightning's so will probably not upgrade unless Nvidia pull something awesome out of the bag. I game at 1440p also so depending on how much VRAM they have I'll have to see.

ABizzel12072d ago

More than likely it'll be an upgrade to the 600 series.

I doubt AMD's 9000 series will be that much of an improvement over the 7000 and 8000 (the 8000 being just a rebrand of the 7000 with some newer (useless IMO) models).

jcornish2072d ago

@hydrolex i have the same, they are tanky as hell aha we should be good for a while :)

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ATi_Elite2072d ago

AMD GPU's are BOSS!! HD7970GHZ is the KING! Nvidia made Titan just to save face but a HD7970 CFX set up for $750 beats the crap out a Titan which is $1000!

AMD has been on a rampage as of late and have done so well that they don't plan on releasing HD8000 until 2014 with GDDR6 and maybe DX12

The Never Settle Campaign is a success as almost every AMD GPU comes with a great free game or TWO. I got Tomb Raider FarCry3 Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite all for FREE with my 2 HD7970 purchases.

But Never Fear Nvidia is not down and out. They are still a good buy but Nvidia's focus on TEGRA has let AMD take the top GPU spot.

I'm sure these GTX600 refreshes will push the GTX780 performance pass the HD7970GHZ but buy then the HD7000 prices will be too ROCK BOTTOM to pass up!

Good for Gamers all around!


Already forked over my $600 on a 680gtx... they'll have to whip out the 800 or 900 series before I'll dish that kind of money out again.

KingPin2072d ago

$600 for a graphics card.
zim dollars?

ABizzel12072d ago

You gotta pay the price if you want max settings on your games.

That being siad GTX 680's can be found for just under $500 now, so it's a bit more affordable. That or a 7970GHz.


$600 isn't that bad... kinda out there for most but definitely not the most expensive. I just payed to be ahead of the curve... The 680 will be capable of playing games for years to come.

dcbronco2071d ago

Console makers need to start offering Ultra models to take some of that money. A $600 console that isn't pushing some new disc format or alien CPU architecture could compete on graphics and be upgraded every 3 years. MS could put a 8 core(Power) APU in a box with a secondary discrete GPU and compete with anything on PC. Or use a special Windows 8(Gaming Blue) OS and go toe to toe with Gaming PCs. If people are willing to spend $600 on a card every few years why not go after it. It would only take a short time to prove it could compete.

SITH2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

My $1000 GTX 690 must give you a heart attack if $600 disturbs you.

Game victorious!

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KingPin2072d ago

i see this site cant see jokes when they made.
damn its sad. gamers nowadays are waaaayyyyy too serious.

but yeah, $600 is a bit steep. im surprised gaming is gone this expensive.
back in the day a top of the range rig could be bought for $600, graphics card included.

but hey, happy gaming bro. enjoy.

ExCest2072d ago

No way. Back in the day with COD4 and stuff, a top of the line rig cost over $1k. I have no idea about mid/low range but I do know that back then, $200 for an 8800 was considered expensive. Now that price is only reserved for mid/lowish range cards.

Biggest2072d ago

Back in the day. . . CoD4. . .

Kids these days.

KingPin2071d ago

Some of us were playing pc games long before COD4 came along.
we were games when unreal tournament 99 was the HALO/COD of its day.
even before that we played games when need for speed looked like this
when 4MB of video memory allowed you to run games on high settings.
when voodoo 2 8MB was the card of choice among gamers.
and yes, those were the days where $600 for a pc was insane.

come back when you older kiddo.

GetSnooked2072d ago

I'm still chuggin along with my Geforce FX5200 lols


600x480 everything low I bet. 5fps max :p

Plagasx2072d ago

Ahhh....the good ol days. I remember way back when the 5200 was my first video card and Far Cry and Half-Life 2 was the first game I tested...

ninjahunter2071d ago

I was so excited that i could play FEAR(on low). I was like OMG DA GRAPHIIIIICCCSSSSS
XD Oh the good ol days.

SkullBlade1692072d ago

Still better than the Wii.

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