Top 5 Games That Bethesda Can “Make Some Noise” with in 2013

VG Republic Writes: Ever hear of the phase about waking a sleeping giant? Well during a recent OXM interview, Bethesda vice-president Peter Hines made reference to exactly that when he made the statement that the company was set to “make some noise” in 2013. The company responsible for producing the likes of Dishonored during 2012, neglected to do anything with their major “sleeping giants” that continue to lay dormant. So what could the company make some noise with in 2013 and how could they do it? Here are some ideas on what they could bring forth and on what platforms they could do it on. Oh the treats that we could be and are in fact in for this year.

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NukaCola1951d ago

Fallout 4 on nextgen and im throwing all my bottlecaps at it

Hellsvacancy1951d ago

I wont be buying a PS4 until that happens, AC4 or BF4 doesnt do it for me (BF4 yeah for the multiplayer) Fallout 4 is what I want

I want a BIG LONG...... singleplayer game to go with my PS4

RuleofOne343 1951d ago

Disagree w/ 4 & 5 the hell w/ Wii U.

Anthotis1951d ago

I'm looking forward to Fallout 4. I just hope it isn't dumbed down for the console gamer like Skyrim was.

DeadManMcCarthy1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

It's about time Bethesda got rid of that horrible Gamebryo engine. Hopefully they take their time on Fallout 4 and create a nice stable game engine to run it. The Gamebryo engine limited them so much that they couldn't express their ideas how they truly imagined.

ATi_Elite1951d ago

What Bethesda could do is BUY the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. License from GSC Game World and that IDIOT Sergey Grigorovich (Thanks for running GSC into the ground) and pump out a great STALKER 2.

STALKER has a awesome following and a Large community plus it's a game everyone should get a chance to play. Just DO NOT dumb it down for consoles!!!!

Bethesda should have no problem making STALKER 2 seeing how they copied STALKER to make Fallout 3.