The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Basics Guide: General Tips – Saving And Resources

Gamersyndrome: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is definitely one of the most successful releases of this generation: the game managed to make the whole series more known and successful to the general public. With the game being so popular and with all the recent additions brought in by new title updates, it’s time that we cover the many aspects of the game. The amount of stuff to do in the game is truly overwhelming: adventuring and battling are only the tip of the iceberg. To truly succeed in Skyrim you will require a deep knowledge of all its gameplay elements and here we are, ready to guide you while we delve deeper in everything the game has to offer.

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TrailerParkSupervisr1805d ago

Dumbest article ever. Save your game and use your resources. That's it. There was more insightfulness on the back of the box art.

blackstrr4111804d ago

People still play skyrim? This is truly the game of this generation. 3 yrs and still counting

iRocket1804d ago

Actually 1.5 years. Skyrim was released in late 2011. But I get what you mean, good games last long. Hell, TF2 was released in 2007, it still gets regular patches and support.

blackstrr4111804d ago

The modds are awesome also. Too bad I can't have em on my xbox

SaiyanFury1804d ago

I just started my 4th game, my first new game with all of the DLC. One of the first things I did was go for Serana from Dawnguard. Personally, she's my favourite follower. Then I started experimenting with giving her new armours and mucking about with smithing various things. While the game is flawed (Bethesda is one of my favourite developers) I won't defend them as the game does have some truly annoying glitches. Most of the ones I tend to encounter are loading errors where I'm trying to get into a different house or area and the loading screen just hangs with the mist flying around the screen. I then need to restart my system (I play it on PS3). After that it's typically fine. But despite a few headaches it's still easily one of my favourite games from this generation and I'm still finding things to do, even 1.5 years on. :)

sway_z1804d ago

I initially got Skyrim on release day for PS3 and I was really impressed at first. But due to all the issues and slow to release DLC, I sold it and purchased the Xbox 360 version.

I must say the difference between the two is significant. The graphics look cleaner and less muddier than the PS3 version.

Clearly Bethesda had the 360 version as lead platform and it shows. To be fair, the PS3 is more than capable of this game, but as a multiplat it was a sloppy port.

Looking forward to the next gen versions as Elder Scrolls has great lore, and judging by how close the architecture will be on Next Box & PS4, there should be more parity in quality.

Just started a replay on hardest. I am a female Nord named Eve of Eden...and yes, I'm STILL in LOVE with SKYRIM ;)