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AMD Preparing Piledriver Based FX Centurion Processor Clocked at 5 GHz – Would Cost $795

AMD Prepares FX Centurion Super Processor – The Titan of CPUs?
The AMD FX Centurion chip is supposedly based on the Piledriver architecture, on which the FX-Vishera lineup is also based. However the FX Centurion is a special chip and is clocked at a massive clock frequency of 5 GHz. (PC, Tech)

ninjahunter  +   737d ago
Ouch.... Definatelly getting their foot in there with the i7's and probably beating a good amount of them out at that level... But.... Ouch, $800 is a lot of dosh for one part.
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Tr10wn  +   737d ago
You can OC a FX-8350 to 5GHz with water and for under $300 that is cheaper than a 3770k and you are boosting 1.1GHz per core '8', i been using the 8350 for a while and its a great CPU for everything it goes toe to toe with the i7 for most things and it beats the i5 for gaming, you can't go wrong with that CPU its cheap $185.99 and you can make it faster than a 3770k if you buy a nice water system and OC.
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   736d ago
The FX-8350 is a great processor. I've had hands on experience with both the 8350 and the 3770K... at stock clocks there is almost no difference but at 4.5GHz(Air only) the 3770k has a very slight advantage amounting to only 3-7 FPS in BF3(tested with a 680). All in all I would choose the 8350 because the price/performance ratio though I would push for the more higher end intels if your not on a budget. The 8350 performs well for gaming which is all that really matters unless you benchmark.
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jeffgoldwin  +   736d ago
There's only a very small segment of pc users that want to deal with the headaches and cost of a fully cooled water system. So I wouldn't use that as a baseline comparison.

If you were too pay a customized pc shop to build you water cooling, it's about $1000 more expensive for that feature (probably half that if you do it yourself). Spendy.
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GamersRulz  +   737d ago
looks like AMD is putting consoles money into use, good for them.
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WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   737d ago
I don't know... $800 for a AMD cpu. I own the 8350 but if I were to dish out that much money I would just go all the way instead of trying to cheapen out.
seanpitt23  +   737d ago
This should of been in the ps4 lol
cayleee  +   737d ago
Would have caused a melt down. There is a reason PS4 is a featuring a CPU running at 2ghz.
hellvaguy  +   737d ago
And ps4 is using a cooler running laptop version of a cpu. No skinny console could handle the heat of a high end desktop cpu.
mmj  +   737d ago
Who in their right mind would buy it? not only are Piledriver prone to overheating and VRM throttling but the $550 3930K would destroy this.
Tr10wn  +   737d ago
Bulldozers are the ones prone to overheating 'x1xx' versions, Piledriver fix those problems 'x3xx', my 8350 runs 18 idle and 46 loaded in BF3 with turbo @4.2GHz, my friends i5 run 26 idle 61 loaded in BF3 OC @4.0GHz, so idk where did you read that information i did a lot of research and that was the reason i didn't bought a 8150.
mmj  +   737d ago
Intel CPU's are safe up to about 100C, AMD only 62C officially.

Try loading the processor with Prime95 and see what temps you get and make it sure it's not throttling while you're at it.

Regardless of that a 3930K would DESTROY a 5ghz Piledriver so this CPU is a massive waste of money.
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Agent_hitman  +   737d ago
Sometimes I want to build a AMD based custom PC, cause it's more cheaper than intel especially as a gaming machine..
NYC_Gamer  +   737d ago
I always go the Intel route because of the better high end performance

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