Interview with Darren Korb - Audio Director at Supergiant Games

"I had the great pleasure of being able to talk with Darren Korb today and ask him a few questions about Games, Music and his path towards them. While we of course mentioned his work at Supergiant Games, including the highly anticipated Transistor and the acclaimed Bastion, I also wanted to find out a little bit about his background as a musician and a gamer and what drew the two together. I was not disappointed, and also learned that Darren Korb REALLY likes XCOM."

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Grayn1476d ago

I am looking forward to seeing this one when its released.

caution41476d ago

Darren is an amazing audio director, and pretty nice guy when I met him at PAX

xseven1476d ago

I've talked to him a few times, he's good people.

And yes, an amazing AD. I'm glad Rey decided to branch out in styles

kefkah1476d ago

Likes XCOM? Good taste...

xseven1476d ago

Just picked that up from Amazon for cheap about 2 weeks ago. Can't wait to play.

And yes, I'm a late bloomer. Haha