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The Huge Problem With An Always-Online Console

Rumors and speculation have been going all around the internet the past few weeks or so about Microsoft creating an always-online console which would the successor to the Xbox 360. Much backlash and criticism of the possible move has been coming out everywhere from gamers, analysts, and even some developers. Us here at Retrospect Realm are going to take a look at all the major and minor problems of an always-online console. (Microsoft, Next-Gen, Xbox LIVE, Xbox One)

Gimmemorebubblez  +   961d ago
At Microsofts HQ
What on Orth should we do with this guy!

On topic: I think MS may kiss good buy 30%(or more) of their potential user-base if the Next-Xbox is always online.
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iGAM3R-VIII  +   961d ago

It should be

*At MS HQ*
*MS sees the tweets Adam Orth made*
*MS facial reaction http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/st... *
TheSauce  +   960d ago
pete007  +   961d ago
video game market is on full growth, with massive changes every gen, we cant predict what comes next,my pc is always online, my iPhone also, why not my console if its justified. besides, even if we dont benefit at the beginning, its a long term feature. now is MSFT, next sony will do the same, its a publishers demand an i believe the one who implement it first will have full support due to piracy fight
BitbyDeath  +   961d ago
Sony isn't doing that -

"Yes you can go offline totally. Social is big for us, but we understand there are some people who are anti-social! So if you don't want to connect to anyone else, you can do that." -Shuhei Yoshida


Even Diablo III of all games is supporting an offline mode on the PS4.
brave27heart  +   961d ago
The thing is if your internet is down your pc or phone still work as pc's or phones. If a games console requires you to be connected to play games and your connection goes down it just becomes a box. Thats the fear.

Nothings confirmed yet but MS have done some serious damage by not coming out and doing something to combat these negative feelings that have been generated. I know they dont want to confirm the console but why not have someone at one of their 1st part studios "accidentally leak" a comment that its not true? Limits the damage Orths done without any official word from Microsoft.

By staying silent they're just adding fuel to the fire.
Kurt Russell  +   960d ago
My PC and Phone have the option to function offline, rather than becoming useless without.
MasterCornholio  +   960d ago
Now its Microsofts turn to deal with it.

Motorola RAZR i
josephayal  +   961d ago
If they do this, I'll protest in the only way I can - with my wallet, I will just buy a competitors console that does not block pre-owned, always online etc

Microsoft, deal with it
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SpinalRemains138  +   961d ago
Microsoft has always been about giving you the very least while charging you the most they can, when it comes to their gaming division. If true, this new aspect they're instituting is crossing the line.

It's not about how they will hurt their business model at all. It's actually throwing a grenade at what they've worked so hard at creating. I see absolutely no way at all possible, that the system even survives, let alone thrive. This is really a death decision.
ACESupERIC  +   961d ago
Aways online is only bad if it requires it to play. My ps3, 360,wii, is online the second I turn them on. But to make a game unplayable without a connection is suicide. I don't think any console manufacturer would do that. They're too worried about the sales numbers to alienate that many people.
Soldierone  +   961d ago
My problem? My internet was out earlier due to some stupid maintenance, yet I was still playing Tomb Raider offline just fine. Always on DRM (call it "community features" all you want) wouldn't let me do that, but hey I (Me, myself) paid 60 dollars for the game, why not take away all my rights to it right?
xxLuckyStrike  +   960d ago
I will not support MS upcoming console if this is true! I refuse to pay $450-$500 dollars to MS then be required always online and always kinect bullshit to function! With Zero offline support for Single player games I paid $60 for! MS can keep that mess. Why would I do that to myself! You guys cant be that ignorant when other competitors are just as appealing. Get lost
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hard joe  +   960d ago
my internet is not always on
i may not buy the next xbox
Zichu  +   960d ago
I know this might sound abit weird, but what if MS are going for a full on cloud gaming console? It requires online to play anything and you can't play used games on it... Just an idea to put out there.
ACESupERIC  +   960d ago
If ms were to take that route, this would be the first time since atari 2600 that a console would be dead to me before release. I buy too many used games for this to be feasible. Also, I borrow and loan out many games to and from friends. That to me is the real meaning of social gaming. I really hope ms is paying attention to these forums.
thehitman  +   960d ago
All I know is if there is always-online this will be worse than the rrod fiasco and it would be literally suicide for the xbox. After RROD if I was MS i wouldnt be doing ANYTHING remotely even controversial at the start that could jeopardize reputation and sales this gen.
Nephesh  +   957d ago
I own all the current game systems and am tired of Microsoft screwing their customers time and time again. I WILL NOT give them another dime! I am selling my xbox slim, buying the PS4 and will keep my PS3 as well. Audios bitch.

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