Quiz:Are You A Gamer?

Just a fun little quiz that I found on my endless browsing of the internet which I thought you might find interesting. By the way I got 20/20! :D.

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Xof1631d ago

If you got 20/20, you're not a gamer.

Mario & Luigi are not Italian, and they're not plumbers.

ziratul1630d ago

Timer should be 02:00 so I have enought time to read the f. question.

xabmol1630d ago

Plus the background color makes it difficult to read the questions.

I knew everyone of the first 10. Then the time ran out. So...

10 out a 20 Whoo Hoo...

hazelamy1630d ago

i was getting them all right then the time ran out. >_<

whamlollypop71630d ago

This could have been cool but the combination of a background that makes it hard to read and a short timer ruins it.

RockmanII71630d ago

got 11 down, so that's a question every 8 seconds. I'm fine with that.

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