2K Sports Officially Gets Into The WrestleMania 29 Ring With Superstar Challenge 2013

Forbes - With THQ no longer in business, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has inked a new deal with 2K Sports (a division of Take Two Interactive) to continue the successful lineage of pro wrestling video games. Beginning this fall with WWE 2K14, 2K Sports will usher in a new era of virtual wrestling.

To officially get things kicked off, 2K Sports held its first ever 2K Sports Superstar Challenge at Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey at WresleMania Axxess. Ironically, the 16 WWE superstars and divas that participated in the video game tournament were playing THQ’s WWE 13 game, which stands out as the best wrestling game ever made in my opinion. Behind the scenes, many of the key creative talent that made WWE 13 have moved over to 2K Sports and are continuing that franchise under a new publisher and banner.

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jagiii2081d ago

Wrestlemania and the Superstar Challenge are the perfect way to blend games and sports entertainment.

YoureINMYWay852081d ago

Can ya smellllll what the Rock is...oh wait he's gone

Magnagamer2222081d ago

Triple H was hilarious in this interview. Looking forward to him putting it to Brock Lesnar.

awkwardhamster2081d ago

Wonder how he'll do in the royal rumble.

Yodagamer2081d ago

I really can't wait to see what 2k brings to the wwe games. Show it already! :(

FragMnTagM2081d ago

If anyone can breath life into an old sports game that severely needs a reboot, it would be 2k.

I just hope they get to make football games again sometime in the near future. Damn you EA and NFL for making Madden the exclusive NFL game.

Can't wait to see what they can do with WWE.

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The story is too old to be commented.