Peter Moore’s defense of EA is an example of why EA sucks "EA’s CEO Peter Moore made a post today on the called “We Can Do Better” where he defends his company. Although defending your company is always noble, how he defends his company is another example of how some people at EA just don’t get it."

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Godmars2901842d ago

This just makes me want to compare EA to BP.

One basically gambled with safety procedures and lost resulting in many deaths and an environmental disaster, while the other repeatedly both introduces policies that blatantly and openly cheat its customers while actively delivering sub-standard products.

And while the loss of life is extremely noticeable with BP, even in the case of the banking/mortgage scandal they at least were subtle in their dishonesty.

EA is so out there they don't even realize what subtly is. Utterly fail to hide their tracks as in the case of Sim City.

2pacalypsenow1842d ago

BP actually took the blame and tried to make it better. Ea on the other hand Blames the consumer for not liking EA and act like they are the best company

HammadTheBeast1842d ago

If you hate on EA, you're just a homophobic footballer.


Godmars2901842d ago


Kind of impossible to be behind a massive ecological disaster and say, "F-U, I'm not cleaning that up!" Not if you don't want the Federal government arresting you and closing down your offices while mobs burn down all your gas stations.

Though I'm betting between lobbist and lawyers once attention went away BP didn't end up flitting the whole bill - we did!

Then again, EA has said, "F-U" in one form or another on multiple occasions and are still in business.

Gaming1011842d ago

BP handled their situation extremely bad, and hardly tried to make it better, taking their sweet time while they let millions of gallons of oil spill all over the Gulf of Mexico. They then spun facts, and had a CEO whining on his yacht complaining that he wanted his life back.

EA spun facts when that tool Peter Moore said that 45 million Origin users is proof that their system is much desired - which is kindof like someone with a Monopoly on any product saying "Look at how much everyone loves our product!", ignoring the fact that everyone is being forced to use it!

MrRaccoon901841d ago

I bet you don't own sim city. SO don't bitch bro MF

a_bro1842d ago

you know what i hate so much about this, the games they have. I want to play BF4 but the fact that EA owns the ip and funds DICE to make handle this franchise is what keeps me back at times, the same goes for the other games. But again, their business practices are disgusting to say the least.

Pyrrhus1842d ago

As I stated in the other EA article, which loved studio are they going to close next?

MrRaccoon901841d ago

Then go play Call of duty you douche

a_bro1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

COD is just as bad. Same game every year, same engine, buggy as hell, etc...

Activision and EA are the worst of the worst.

auragenz1842d ago

The fact that EA has even been voted "The Worst Company in America", clearly shows just how dumb people are.

Vigor1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

people are dumb? the thing is people realized that those other companies wouldn't give a damn about the poll nor bother responding, EA on the other hand...

superterabyte1842d ago

Worst games publisher would be more appropriate because as much as we all hate EA there are worse companies

(see: any oil company)

T3MPL3TON 1842d ago

The problem isn't the oil companies themselves it's the government not regulating them and forcing them to get the prices down. It's also our insistent need to DRIVE every where. Stop being lazy walk to the store, to get that 20oz of mountain dew. WALK.

EA was voted worst in the country because as a company that is literally reliant on a happy fan base. They basically keep telling their fans to go f*ck themselves.

superterabyte1842d ago

@T3MPL3TON Don't tell me what the problem is. Believe me its the oil companies and that is not something i'm willing to having a deep and meaningful debate on within an N4G comments section.

My point is there are worse perpetration's by company's than just piss poor customer relations and business practices i.e. fraud, human rights offences etc as much as I hate EA I doubt they commit these offences.

Heisenburger1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

@your reply to t3mpl3ton

VERY well said+

I'm genuinely impressed, which is saying a lot considering *I am an arrogant jackal. ;)

Jek_Porkins1842d ago

What exactly do people want the man to say? He said they've made mistakes, but some people take the entitlement route a bit too far.

EA getting voted worst company because of the ME3 ending is really ignorant, I don't really like EA, mostly because of the whole NFL license monopoly, but they are hardly the worst company, and I actually like Peter Moore, I've liked him since his days at Sega building up the Dreamcast.

Pyrrhus1842d ago

I will agree that their monopoly on NHL and NFL games suck. Would really wish 2k stepped up to the plate and provided competition (NBA 2k13 is arguably an incredible sports game compared to what else is offered on the market at this time.)

Canary1842d ago

It wasn't ME3's ending per se.

Rather, ME3 as a whole, specifically the bit where the developers specifically and repeatedly lied about the content of the game prior to release.

It wasn't a, "Boo hoo, you suck because I didn't like the ending," thing. It was a, "You spent years consistently misrepresenting and lying about your product," kind of thing.

The quality of the game was immaterial. That it ended up being a good sight worse than prior ME games in many peoples' eyes certainly did not help matters, however.

Jek_Porkins1842d ago

As someone who played Mass Effect since it came out in 2007 on Xbox 360, in no way did I ever feel lied to. It was the journey that was important and I thought that series might very well be the best this generation.

At the end of the day it was Bioware's franchise and they could do with it as these please, some people didn't like it, or thought they were ripped off, but I spent around 200+ hours between the three games, and I had an absolute blast, I'm not going to dog on them for every little thing.

ziggurcat1842d ago

"It wasn't a, "Boo hoo, you suck because I didn't like the ending," thing."

uh... yes, it was.

and it was also misguided people that somehow convinced themselves into thinking that a few decisions they made in a game has some sort of butterfly effect on the outcome.

Imalwaysright1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

No they can't do as they please. They falsely advertised their game and cheated people out of their money. Had this happened in any other industry and Bioware would have suffered the consequences but as usual this industry gets away with all kinds of anti-consumer practices maybe because there are many gamers, that like you, enjoy bending over.

@ Ziggurcat Educate yourself before spouting nonsense.

PopRocks3591842d ago

As someone who is not at all fond of EA, I don't understand it either myself. EA makes some stupid decisions and uses shady business practices, but all they do in the end is prove entertainment products. They don't provide products that can physically harm you in any way or are distributed in an unsanitary or harmful manner (unlike various food corporations out there).

As for Moore, I don't know what people expected him to say. You can't expect him to trash the company he works for; he's a PR guy. It's his job to speak as positively to the public about EA as possible. Not saying I agree with it, but I at least understand why it is what it is.

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