What If Microsoft’s Next Console Required An Internet Connection?

Could Microsoft destroy its consumer base’s confidence by requiring an always-online Internet connection?

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Good_Guy_Jamal1907d ago

I would not buy it. It's as simple as that for me. But I respect those that would make a different decision.

NukaCola1907d ago

Unless MS blows me away at E3, I'm not going to buy another Xbox. I was too burned this generation with the dashboard turning to windows media live, increase in online pricing, and lack of fresh games. They better show me that these runours are false or I'm out.

BlmThug1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Agreed. I took a risk with MS this gen because before that, I was all Playstation gaming with the odd Nintendo handheld/console. That risk however did not truly work out and after four years of the 360, I sold it and went back to a Playstation and next gen looks like a PS4 day one purchase and maybe 5-6 years after launch, a Nextbox purchase. If there is no Always On though and Forza 5 is present, I may buy it after a year or two

Septic1906d ago

Well I for one wasn't 'burned' this generation. MS took the charge for many years and for many gamers like me who play games online, it was unrivaled as a console as far as the combination of its games, social functionality and ease of use was concerned.

Whilst MS definitely needs to introduce more IP's, the importance of the likes of Halo, Forza and Gears this gen should not be underestimated. They, along with other games such as crackdown and the like gave many of us memorable experiences and the manner in which they were desgined (CO-OP based gameplay in many of these games), I got to enjoy these games with my friends.

I will however, purchase all the consoles because, in the worst case scenario where the Nextbox doesn't have many new exclusives, it will be still be the only home for seminal titles like Halo and the quality and appeal of the latter title to many gamers shouldn't be understimated.

However, Sony are clearly stepping up their game this generation. They are correcting all their mistakes; more social functionality, ease of use with no delays in enjoying your game, more gamer-centic focus. Whilst Sony may never have a Halo-killer, it will no doubt offer a wealth of experiences beyond it with the likes of Destiny and other games in its arsenal.

Still; MS deserve the benefit of the doubt because who would have thought at the beginning of this gen, that they would have come out so strongly and give the likes of Sony so much cause for concern? I certainly didn't. I thought the PS3 would obliterate the competition once it was out.

Time will tell but most important of all, I pray for an ultra-competitive generation with MS, Nintendo and Sony pulling out all the stops to ensure that we're playing on their respective platforms.

sengoku1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

M$ will not lose nextgen over this.
they will lose Core gamers.
they have been moving away from core gamers for years so this is no surprise to me.

make up you own mind.

for me i'm all in for PS4 because i feel it has more of the things i want for nextgen.

Baka-akaB1906d ago

While they still had/got good exclusives , it's no secret i dont feel particularly attached to MS exclusives and hate the way te handle their live services . If anything the Ips i cared about went sooner or later multiplatform , and aside from Halo , i dont care enough for their first party games to follow their next console .

Now that's my current state of mind , things could change with their ips , new or otherwise .

What wouldnt change my mind is if the console is forcefully perpetually online .

As a hint of fate , i spent a whole week with constant connection drops and my net finally dying , just because unbeknown to me some douchebag neighbor was renovating his house and manage to damage the phone line .

If i had the currently rumored 720 , what the hell would i be doing ?

Dfooster1906d ago

@sengoku. Nintendo tried moving away from the core gamers and after an initial success they have hit the cliff with the wii u. If Microsoft are following that business model then I wish them all the best.

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CarlosX3601906d ago

When I read this story, I thought "Isn't that the whole point of 'always-on' DRM?"

Yeah, no... Pass.

delboy1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Ms will not lose anything.
Maybe they will lose some core customers/gamers, but that's the minority.
Even if they lose 30% of their current user base, but I think it will be less.
Anyway, there's still millions of casuals or hardcore gamers that doestn't care, all they want is to play the next CoD, BF, GoW, MGS or whatever.
Publishers will be all over it, because the revenue will jump 500% even with smaller install base.
Simple, No used games, No rentals, No piracy, No trading, and they will have total control over game prices.
It's the next step in the industry, just deal with it.
And one more thing, Ps4 doesn't require always online, that's right, but some 3rd party games require it.
In the end it will be to the publishers to decide, just like with online passes this gen.

B-radical1906d ago

Manveer Heir @manveerheir
A dear friend of mine @adam_orth is getting a lot of flak, some unfairly. Let me say he's one of the good guys and cut him some slack please

GraveLord1906d ago

It really is that simple. Limit what your console can do and you limit the amount of customers. The video game industry will be fine though. There are alternatives.

3-4-51906d ago

if it has to be always on, and there are a few other iffy things about it, then it might be the first time I buy a Sony Console.

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urwifeminder1906d ago

I will get one day one with drm or without or blocking games for me its not a factor, i allways enjoyed the games they make and will make it my 2nd main gaming unit next to pc.

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