PS4 developer discusses design philosophy

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Inc announced the overview of the "PlayStation 4 (PS4)," a next-generation stationary game console, in February 2013. We interviewed Mark Cerney, Lead System Architect on PlayStation 4, SCE, on the philosophy with which the machine was designed.

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iGAM3R-VIII1901d ago

good read, had a lot of info about the PS4 I didn't know

NewMonday1901d ago

Cerny on some of the Sony supercharged parts:

1- a structure that realizes high-speed data transmission between the CPU and GPU

2- a structure that reduces the number of times that data is written back from the cache memory in the GPU

3- a structure that enables to set priorities in multiple layers in regard to arithmetic and graphics processin

4- a function to make the CPU take over the preprocessing to be conducted by the GPU.

one2thr1901d ago

"The Single Chip Custom Processor," which SCE employed for the PS4, is equipped with eight "Jaguar" 64-bit CPUs"

I want to say this is a typo, but can you imagine; Eight "Jaguar" 64-bit CPUs stacked onto one die inside of a console?...

Heck if there were 8 "jaguar" 64-bit cpus within the PS4, then I'd say its definitely made with "Supercharged" PC parts!

**I know, its meant to be "8 core Jaguar 64-bit cpu"**

pete0071901d ago

Igamer, best known by itroller, even if ps4 had a zx spectrum proco, youd Still put it sky high!
Have you been in coma for the last 10 years? Ps4 is average hw, and so Will next box,
Pc crushes,

MasterCornholio1901d ago

And you don't even know how to express yourself properly. But seriously he wasn't trolling with his post but you my good man are.

Motorola RAZR i

pete0071901d ago

First im not a redskin mid east invader, so, sorry f my english.
Second. Truth is not trolling

Cryptcuzz1901d ago

I know its not good for the neighborhood to feed the trolls as they will keep coming back for more, but you sir are an idiot.

This is a thread for PS4, of course people excited for it will voice their opinion on the article.

If you like PC so much, that's cool, but keep your BS within the PC threads as if your bull will convince a console gamer from converting to solely PC gaming.

Come to think of it, why can't a console gamer, in this case be excited for the PS4 also be a PC gamer?

Everything shouldn't be so black and white, one or the other.

Its as if you grew up having been forced by your parents to either love one or the other. Gtfo and chill for a bit.

r211901d ago

PS4 is average to what? High end PCs? Sure.
Now compare to any consoles out there and you'll see the PS4 is currently one of the most powerful consoles to this date.

The nextbox will probably be just as powerful too and it'll join the PS4 as powerful consoles for years to come till next next gen.

amiga-man1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

A high end PC can certainly be impressive but can also become tiring, I used to do all my gaming on a PC but got fed up of upgrading hardware, system maintenance, viruses and even then having problems with games not running for alsorts of reasons.

A console is straight forward and doesn't make me jump through hoops, a PC can be great but console's have many advantages over PC's too.

iGAM3R-VIII1901d ago

lol, I didn't even say anything, all I said was", good read, had a lot of info about the PS4 I didn't know". You sir have to chill and please tell me how my comment was a troll comment. Your comment was just unnessacary. YOU are the one trolling right now because you are on a PS4 article trash talking about the PS4. you have to chill

pete0071901d ago

Kidding!!! I kinda Like your posts, its just youre on the dark side of the force. I m trying To regain you!!

OrionNoctis1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

graphic wise yea in all the other aspects involved consoles lead , jus check the games that earn "more innovative" and "game of the year" awards to see how silly is your view...

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sengoku1901d ago

have to say i'm very happy with the way Mark talks and thinks, for him the rise and fall of the PS4 will be very personal.

some ""

"However, in that case, we will make developers solve a puzzle, 'To realize the fastest operation, what data should be stored in which of the memories, the low-capacity eDRAM or the high-capacity external memory?'" he said. "We wanted to avoid such a situation. We put the highest priority on allowing developers to spend their time creating values for their games."

another one.

"We are claiming that our company is leading innovations," "And we certainly employed our own distinguished technologies for the PS4."

a very intelligent guy talking about the what he found to be of importance.
great read

clintos591901d ago

"The reason why SCE employed the GDDR5 interface instead of the DDR3 interface, which is commonly used for the main memories of personal computers, was to solve the problem of memory bandwidth, which had been the biggest bottleneck, he said."

"We received very positive responses to the concept of 'Supercharged PC Architecture' from developers because we made a drastic improvement to performance and made it easy to develop games at the same time," said Cerney, who developed many games. "It is hardware for which games can be developed really easily."

"(Though it is a challenge in terms of cost and procurement,) we decided to offer a memory capacity of 8 Gbytes because of strong demand from developers," Cerney said. "We put priority on making a configuration that makes it easy for developers to create games so that many games will be made."

With Dev friendly tools & the ps4 architecture I love it because this will lead to more games & more exclusives. I bet we will see 3rd party exclusives on the ps4 aswell.

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