1UP Previews Section 8

1UP writes: "Take Battlefield's large maps and team-based objectives and add a sci-fi setting, the ability to call in vehicles using an in-game currency, Unreal Engine 3 visuals, specific loadout customization, character damage that you can see, and the game's signature feature -- the ability to spawn by dropping in from the sky. That's Section 8.

It's this spawning system that seems to be the key to making it all work. Each time you die, you get to choose where to land on the map, and you then proceed to watch your character fly down through the atmosphere to the ground. You have to be careful about your location choice, though, since you might be able to sneak behind someone but you also might get shot out of the air.

Developer TimeGate Studios promises there is plenty more innovative stuff (not a direct quote) on the way, such as a way for each player in a multiplayer game, and not just the flag-carrier for instance, to directly contribute to a team's goals, but says this is too early to discuss since the game isn't scheduled to ship until the third quarter of 2009. Until then, it seems likely the game will be known as "that one where people drop from the sky." And that's not such a bad thing".

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kapedkrusader3659d ago

My family grew up on welfare and Section 8. I don't see how you can make a game about low income housing, but I'll give it a shot.
(Just kiddin)

Eclipticus3659d ago

why not people make movies about it all the time...

and when they say fall from the sky they mean the holes in the roofs that the owners dont wanna fix...

Eclipticus3659d ago

the game where you fall from the sky?
isnt that the newest medal of honor?