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Analog Addiction writes: "Released on the same day as the Juggernaut title Bioshock Infinite, it was easy to forget that Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel came out. However, for those of you who enjoy playing local co-op games in this time of online-only co-op, the Army of Two franchise has likely become something you’ve kept an eye on. The first two games in the series have had a heavy emphasis on tactical teamwork to stay alive and progress, but does the third entry keep those aspects alive?"

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isyourhouseonfire1123d ago

This game certainly isn't on the entertainment level of Call of Duty Black Ops 2, but it does remain the absolute best option for co-op players.

Christopher1122d ago

Borderlands 2?

Look, I thought the first one wasn't bad. It was okay. But, I felt the co-op was really just there and had no real difference between playing with someone or with the AI. Hopefully they can make it feel a bit unique and different in this regard with the upcoming game. I do also hope it moves more away from a very corridor designed shooter and gives us more options as to how to handle situations.