Final Rock Band DLC Now Live

The final weekly downloadable content (DLC) release for Harmonix’s Rock Band, available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii, is Don McLean’s American Pie. A stone cold classic and a welcome addition to the Rock Band library, this final release marks the end of a string of two hundred and eight one DLC releases for the popular rhythm action videogame.

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Newmanator1932d ago

Sad day, I'll miss this franchise dearly as it was a great family and friends game.

FriedGoat1932d ago

Was the best musical instrument game of all time :(

Aghashie1932d ago


I agree w u just out of pure nostalgia. RB is great to play with friends, but I prefers Rocksmith when playing alone.

topgun331932d ago

Since this is the last DLC, it should be FREE as a gift to the people who supported Rockband over the years

ikokjones1932d ago

Harmonix CEO here.

Let's pay people to work on a product that is being discontinued because of lack of interest and profit for free. We will also pay Sony and Microsoft a sum per download to further add to this financial hit.

FriedGoat1931d ago

Thanks for the great games. Now lets have amplitude :D

o-Sunny-o1932d ago

First it was sad seeing Guitar Hero doors dlc halt for Rockband these are dark times we live in...

FunkMacNasty1932d ago

Hopefully this will be revived with a next gen iteration. I know that this got a lot of young kids hooked on wanting to learn an instrument.

I could never get into Rock band, unless I was playing drums! As a guitarist of 18 years, my brain was completely warped by trying to play guitar on rockband/GH! lol go figure!

MooseyXTC1932d ago

Pretty good song to end your lineup with.

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