Pach-Attack - Can Steam Cut into the Console Business?

GT:Michael Pachter gauges if Valve is ready to take down Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

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Zuperman1697d ago

This pach guy is a disgrace to the sport of gaming, I don't understand why some people would even consider listening to what he has to say.

InMyOpinion1696d ago

They probably think he must be smart because he's wearing glasses and a tie.

roshi19871696d ago

Then you already lost. He got his views. Maybe you just stop watching and commenting.

GraveLord1697d ago

Once again Pachter tells us the way it is. Preach.

MikeMyers1696d ago

Sometimes he's right, sometimes he isn't. I could probably have the same results if I were to answer the questions he gets asked.

As for his Steambox answer I disagree. He thinks most people want to play with a keyboard and mouse. That is only partially true. What Steam has done is educate the consumer that it's not just an isolated experience where you have a PC in a dedicated room with a monitor and a keyboard. That's why they brought out Big Picture mode and advertise more what games can be played with a controller. Lots of games support controllers now.

shadowwizard1696d ago

Is he Comstock of the gaming?

Gamer-401696d ago

Steam shit.
Not interesting for me.

nthstew1696d ago ShowReplies(1)
Farsendor11696d ago

free, awesome deals, easier messaging system, not cluttered with endless menus to flip through.You can buy games that came out a year ago for $5 on Steam, and Xbox Live tries to sell last gen games for $20. Both services have an online storefront, but Steam's storefront is easier to navigate. In addition, they are more upfront about game details than Xbox Live. Also, Steam offers better gaming previews with footage of almost all of the games whereas Xbox Live only does this for select titles.

-Dedicated servers >>>>>> P2P
-Cheap games
-Steam Cloud
-Less Advertising
-Custom community groups for anything

Gamer-401696d ago

I know, but I don't really care online and Cloud.
No physical format it is a shit.
I'm a old and conservative gamer.
Yes, Valve games cool, but i not buy SteamBox. 100%.

DigitalSmoke1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

I wish he got a Pach attack already.

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