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In-depth Review: Terraria - Electronic Theatre

Considered to be the indie darling in Minecraft’s shadow (forgetting that Minecraft itself started life as a indie title) Terraria today makes it’s console debut via 505 Games, a publisher that is more frequently becoming associated with taking risks in impressively innovative titles as opposed to the budget releases that made their name. Just like the aforementioned 3D world moulding title, Terraria’s transition to console hasn’t been an easy one, but the end result is entirely worth the effort. (PC, PS3, Terraria, Xbox 360) 85/100

SeanScythe  +   859d ago
Game is so addictive
rextraordinaire  +   859d ago
... Somehow, that review didn't feel very "in-depth".

Anyway, Terraria is as good on console as it is on PC. Having put 70+ hours in the PC version already, starting fresh again on console still is fun, and exploring those randomly generated worlds is still as thrilling. It controls well once you're used to the button mapping, and the addition of achievements is a plus.

By any means, this is a good game to buy if you're into metroidvanias and world building games. :)

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