Is The Ouya Worth Anyone's Time?

The Android-Based Console For Under $100

The Ouya is an android-based console that will launch in June. Running at only $99 a console, and promising that at least part of every game released for the system will be free, the Ouya presents a compelling list of incentives.

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AmayaAi2093d ago

To be honest, I've totally lost my interest on Ouya. It sounded potential at the beginning. But not anymore.

ApolloTheBoss2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

If it wasn't an Android console it would have had some serious potential.

caseh2092d ago

It has some appeal, most people look at it in the wrong way though.

This is a $99 piece of kit that can serve multiple purposes. As a great example it will run every single emulator up to the PSOne and all of these emulators are already available as its built on Android.

if you're looking at it as a competitor to the PS4/Nextbox then it aint happening. If you look at it as a powerful, cheap and funtional piece of kit then look no further, its already here.

sergons2092d ago

You can use it as media player, xbmc,iptv,etc.

stage882092d ago

The only appeal I have in it is:

1. Whether it can have XBMC run on it
2. Emulators e.g. PS1, N64, Gameboy maybe PS2 etc.

Then it'll be worth my while.

hobohunterz2092d ago

I agree and now that they have released that list of games officially supported none of them are even the most popular games for andriod hows that going to attract anyone

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zeal0us2093d ago

Ouya is a niche product meaning its not for everyone.

stuna12092d ago

I think the Ouya will be geared more toward people who are computer literate, meaning have a understanding of programming to some extent.

Realplaya2092d ago

Ouya is a product that should have been advertised as an android attachment.

silvacrest2092d ago

android is open for anyone to use but is owned by google so i doubt it could ever be advertised as an attachment to android

MNGamer-N2092d ago

No thanks. I don't need angry birds. I'll be too busy with my PS4 and WiiU.

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The story is too old to be commented.