Battlefield 4 reveals first image from BF4 site, “Land” teaser released

DICE's first-ever image from the official BF4 site revealed along with the "Prepare 4 Battle: Land" trailer.

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HammadTheBeast1975d ago

I hate EA, but love Battlefield. Guess I'm getting it if it's good, but it better be pretty amazing.

a_squirrel1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

If it weren't for EA as much as you hate them, a LOT of game developers wouldn't have gotten the funding for the games they make. So OF COURSE THEIR JOB IS TO MAKE MONEY. They do it through marketing and proper investing.

WarThunder1974d ago

Make a Russian campaign in BF4 and i will buy it.

MestreRothN4G1974d ago

Another nice image shows trucks, lots of trucks:


SantistaUSA1974d ago

lol thanks for the laugh! :-P

-Superman-1974d ago

I really hope its going to be just like Battlefield 2.
Command, big ships, and also submarines from Battlefield 1942. BIG MAPS, MORE PLAYERS = WIN

Flavor1974d ago

the last game was the exact opposite of what you wanted, so what makes you think they will switch gears now? It's deep inside dudebro gimpware territory now.

JasonKCK1975d ago

I would love to get this game if EA didnt screw me over with Sim City.

Rockefellow1975d ago

That's a great attitude to have if you want to spite yourself. This is a wholly different developer who tends to care about their fans (just look at the quality DLC released for BF3-- way better than all of CoD's DLC for the past few years).

Of course, if this comes out and has microtransactions for bullets in the middle of combat, then we've got a problem.

JasonKCK1975d ago

Still published by EA and EA is resposible for the Sim City crap I paid for but cant play. U can say I have a bad attitude but, after the microtransactions, day 1 on disc dlc, drm, online passes, no support after most realeses, and the money I wasted on Sim City. I feel I have legit reasons not to trust EA.

TheXonySbox1975d ago

Buying BF4 puts $$$ into EA's pockets; jason has sound logic.

Rockefellow flawed fanboy logic; this is why bad companies can survive.

Lisica1975d ago

What if it comes with always-online DRM and server problems?

It's still EA, man.

Rockefellow1975d ago

Yes, TheXonySbot... I have flawed fanboy logic. Let me let you in on a little secret: it doesn't pay to be a fanboy of ANY company. I like some of the games EA puts out, so I buy them. I don't even personally like Battlefield, but I recognize the value of it to many other people.

Buying BF4 puts cash in EA's pocket, sure-- and they'll go on to use that cash to make a lot of other potentially great investments. I've gotten quite a few EA published titles over the years that I've never had a single problem with, from Dead Space to Need for Speed, Rock Band to Shadows of the Damned.

And you know what? It also puts money in the developer's pockets-- the people who make the games you enjoy. And, if people purchase the GOOD games from EA, there's plenty of incentive to put more of them out. There's no doubt that EA has learned from this SimCity fiasco, and Maxis will think twice before trying to lie to their consumers again.

If that's "fanboy" logic, I'll gladly stick with it. I feel sorry for you and whatever limited, backwards thinking you go by.

Rainstorm811975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

That's funny same shyt happened with Diablo 3 yet I don't see anyone raising pitchforks and torches against Blizzard....... Or I Don't see anyone blaming Maxis

It's sad cause even when EA does good people only focus on the negative, if BF4 is of high quality like BF3 I'm all in

I thought you guys were gamers, judge each game on its own merit

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MooseWI1975d ago

DICE makes Battlefield, support them, you may be supporting EA at the same time but because of what EA did shouldn't sway you for the quality products DICE puts out.

Rockefellow1975d ago

Sure, I get the resentment.

IK IR Y IP T1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

sucks to be u @jasonkck because i bought sim city a week after launch and haven't had one problem with signing on or staying connected maybe u need to learn how to select a diff server because sim cities problems are behind them thats what happens when million people buy the game when it launches servers crash so stop trolling and they just gave me a free 60 dollar game cant complain there and the games u get to choose from are great titles so BF4 is going to be amazing cant wait! people tend to forget that companys need to make money to keep making games !!

JasonKCK1975d ago

What does it matter to you that I dont trust EA? Will my opinion prevent you or anyone else from buying EA games? NO! So let me have my opinion then.

KillrateOmega1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

So because you're Sim City experience was crap, you're now refusing to buy any games from EA, even if they're from a totally different developer than Sim City and even if it's a game that's basically guaranteed to be awesome like BF4. All in some attempt to boycott EA.

I don't like EA and some of their business practices either, but this seems pretty silly tbh...

TemplarDante1975d ago

Sim City =\= Battlefield
Im sorry they screwed you over, sir. But this is the Big Kahuna here. I'd buy Battlefield 4 even if I had bought a copy of Sim City 3 and upon opening it, it jumped up and slapped me.

DeadlyFire1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

You have learned to never buy a game on Day 1. Unfortunately it was the hard way. 6 months after is usually best time to buy. Usually there is a discounted price somewhere. Most issues are patched up, and the community either loves or hates it and has spread hate or love about the game all over the internet for you to read.

I would buy Battlefield 4 even if it came with a free copy of Simcity with DRM issues alongside it.

dontbhatin1974d ago

dude quit crying over simcity. its working now. go play it. just picked it up wednesday and havent had a single issue.

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Npugz71975d ago

Gonna be the best gamer ever!!!!!

bamillington1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

yes ive just comed in my pants

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