Should Military Games Have Women Soldiers?

ArmA 3 is a military simulator coming later this year, and from the forums came an interesting thread. The game does not include female character models and the community largely thinks that is not a problem.

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xHeavYx1675d ago

No, that way Sessler can't complaint when they die.
He would probably say something like
"What I didn't like about this game, is that when I controlled a woman, SHE DIED, then the game over screen showed up, I think that's disrespectful"

Good_Guy_Jamal1675d ago

Yeah we get it. He angered your people.

Outside_ofthe_Box1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Yeah we get it. You don't like his people. Move on.

Good_Guy_Jamal1675d ago

Me move on? How about this dude dragging the topic thru yhe mud even before it has begun?

Cupid_Viper_31674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

How is he dragging the topic through the mud exactly? He's saying something that's very true, unless of course you consider Sessler a walking contracdiction that will gladly turn a blind eye to actual, sexism, racism and such.

I mean, this is an army game we're talking about here. It's a place that have slogans such as

"Brothers in Arms",<<< Sessler would lose his sh!t with that one.

"Old enough to bleed, old enough to butcher", Old enough to pee old enough for me"

"He who dares wins"<<<<He&# 39;d totally flip at this one right there, because you're playing with a "she".

" kill them all and let God sort them out"

"First to go, last to know"

These are all slogans that could be made into trophies, and I can definitely seem him taking issues with some of them. But in reality, he wouldn't because there are only 2 standards in this industry: Controversy, and Double-Standards.

Autodidactdystopia1674d ago

NO man NO

women are the best thing to ever happen to men, however when i think about them in battle i just think about some scary mood swings while shit hits the fan.

I dunno I love my woman but i dont want her in combat with me. she is a flower i am a rock. flowers are good for beauty, rocks are good at killing the enemy, as even "god" used to advocate stoning of the "enemy"

in all seriousness the average woman is weaker than the average man. if a woman wants to go out and kill people point blank she must prove herself first. cause theres a man at home who has to deal with her crying for the rest of his life while she relives her armyhood memories.

in other words our women are the apple of our eyes. let them do as they please. so long as they are mentally/physically as strong as the "average" male.

Outside_ofthe_Box1674d ago

***"Me move on? How about this dude dragging the topic thru yhe mud even before it has begun?"***

Yes move on. The only reason why you take issue with him bringing up a very valid point is because your public enemy # 1 in the PS3 crowd didn't agree with Sessler(which I'm sure there are plenty outside of PS3 fans that don't agree with him also but it's not like that actually matters to you).

I think it's perfectly okay for him to bring up the fact that military games having women soldiers would undoubtedly invite all sorts of unnecessary criticism from feminists and invite all sorts of accusations of sexism that surely weren't the developers intentions. But of course you just chalk it up to him just being a blind PS3 fan that is just angry about Sessler criticizing his oh so precious God of War trophy.

BlackTar1871674d ago

Good Guy jamal you have been given notice. 24hrs to vacate the premises. LOL you got owned. Move along is right.

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Blaze9291674d ago

that imitation was hilarious lmao!

Wenis1675d ago

SWBF had female snipers

Robochobo1675d ago

It was pretty awesome that they were in one of the more op roles too, snipers could kill most characters with one shot.

Irishguy951675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Did it? I didn't even know. Counter intuitive for the Republic to invest in 2 different clones imo, specially when their male is Boba fett. I guess Adam Sessler has influence in the republic senate too.


Who cares if women are in or out anyway? Whats the difference? They're all just avatars and hitboxes. How about Robots? Everyone loves Robots...

BlackTar1871674d ago

Socom 2 had a badass chick. I think socom 4 also had a badass chick you play with.

BattleAxe1674d ago

Games with women soldiers:

- SOCOM: Combined Assault
- Rainbow Six Vegas
- Rainbow six Vegas 2
- Mass Effect
- Mass Effect 2
- Mass Effect 3

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kreate1674d ago

Who cares.. now that women can be in combat units in the US military, gender dont matter.

Kornholic1674d ago

Yes, they have the possibility now to be in combat units. But the truth is there are no women in the frontlines because they just simply can't do it.

krazykombatant1674d ago

There is a difference between being able to be in the front lines and being allowed dude.

aliengmr1674d ago

There are no "frontlines" anymore.

DeadlyFire1674d ago

I don't care. I say they should. Games are for fun anyway. More than just one gender plays games. The future is customization. Women being able to take on the same roles in a game is part of that. Why do you think games like Mass Effect have so many fans? Its one of the few games I know that women actually have played.

Should be the same for Army games. To promote it.

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