Smartphones now seen as "equal" to consoles as preferred gaming platform

New research from PlaySpan and Magid points to some interesting data on consoles, mobile and free-to-play

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majiebeast2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Gtfo both of these companies have something to gain by saying this bullshit. If there is a neutral source who says it i might believe it but even then its a stretch.

ShugaCane2098d ago

Plus, throwing birds at little piggies is NOT gaming. Sorry if I offended anyone.

NonApplicable2098d ago

No IT IS gaming. Please amuse us with an explanation.

darthv722098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

a feeling of being threatened. Its mostly from the younger generation too.

If people can come to terms that this form of entertainment can no longer be contained to the traditional ways. The sooner the industry moves forward and we get to enjoy new ideas.

Gaming was never going to stay confined to a tv. We all knew the moment it went portable, there was a market out there that would take it beyond the living room.

That isnt a bad thing but why so many feel threatened by gaming going global is rather strange. The ones who have watched gaming grow from pong understand the need to evolve and generally encourage the younger generation to revisit the roots.

It creates a better sense of appreciation in how far the industry has come. I would not classify these platforms (mobile, console, portable) as being equal in the sense of what they display.

I would classify them as equals in what they offer in terms of providing entertainment in various forms. Each one has its pros and cons but overall they provide fun in their own way. thats what games were originally about. Fun.

edit: I am reminded of the similar mentality of traditionalists when nintendo came out with the gameboy. Many felt that it was the wrong direction that gaming was headed.

I for one liked the idea of being able to play games on the go. you would be surprised the backlash nintendo got back in the day. Man i can remember others saying things like portable games would never work or it would hurt development of games for other platforms like snes or genesis.

But it hasnt hurt traditional gaming. It helped expand it and it was eventually seen as a companion to traditional gaming. So here we are many many years later and you have companies that make phones and we know how attached to their phones people can be. So it was only natural there would be testing to see if playing games (even simple games) on a phone would be another viable extension in the gaming industry.

It has worked out pretty good for itself but again, it isnt replacing traditional gaming. But the amount of backlash it gets from younger would think it is. It is history repeating itself just like when the gameboy came out.

On the flip side of things, while we are getting gaming on more mobile devices, we are also getting more non-gaming on console units. It shows that there is growth and room to evolve the entertainment industry as a whole because the days of the single purpose device are nearly over. At least in the eyes of modern consumerism. Consumers are wanting more for the $$ and so these companies like sony and samsung and apple are doing what they can to fill those conveniences.

We have seen that it is possible to take a portable device and double it as a console. Sony proved that with the psp but maybe the consumers arent yet ready to have everything in one device but its coming. in the mean time, (at least for gaming) its okay to enjoy gaming on the screen (console) and gaming on the go (portable/mobile).

Outside_ofthe_Box2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )


What are you going on about feeling threatened?

You think gamers don't want to be able to play games like GTA5, KZ:Shadow Fall and Watch Dogs on the go? You think gamers are afraid of that happening? I don't think so.

I think most people just don't like the fact that *surveys* are being used to claim over and over and over and over again that smartphones are either "equal" or "surpass" consoles when they CLEARLY haven't yet. That is the issue people have, not fear of technology getting better lol.

zeal0us2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Video game-A game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a television screen or display.

Gaming(merriam-webster)-the playing of games that simulate actual conditions (as of business or war) especially for training or testing purposes.

So actually throwing those birds at little piggies classifies as gaming. Sorry to break it to you.

If Angry Birds isn't a video game and playing it doesn't classifies as gaming. Then I guess those games on the PS3,360, WiiU and earlier consoles and all way to the arcade machines are just movies or tv shows, right?

I don't care for Angry Birds but its time to throw away that silly ideal that gaming is something that exclusive to consoles,pcs and handheld devices made by big video game corporations.

shoddy2098d ago

No hardcore gamer would prefer gaming on phone/tablet over console.

If a thin device like that can fit powerful chips then imagine how many powerful chips a bigger box can fit.

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sitharrefus2098d ago

In terms of hardware they are advancing fast, but it will NEVER be equal to a home console.

limewax2098d ago

Obviously. I mean, you know you have a problem when one of the highest end phones becomes incredibly hot after 15 minutes on a game like The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

Form factor alone means the Smartphone market will always have a huge barrier between them and the consoles.

Godmars2902098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

How long would companies exist, what kind of companies exist, if they had to be honest I wonder.

On subject: at best, iOS devices are on par with 16 bit machines. Only with better textures and graphics.

And I only say that because there are now 16 bit era games like Chronotrigger on them.

Qrphe2098d ago

They're definitely well beyond the 16-bit era. This is Shadowrun on iPhone 4.

Utalkin2me2098d ago


Love the bullshot...

Dasteru2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Smartphones still have lousy controls but graphically they are already superior to current gen consoles.

Those are being played with a Tegra 4 APU which has been in both smartphones and tablets for quite a while now, The GPU in the Galaxy S4 is already more powerful.

Nvidia themselfs have stated that the Tegra 4 is 3-4x more powerful than RSX (PS3 GPU).


I much prefer consoles also but that doesn't mean we have to be ignorant to reality.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2098d ago

lol we will see if phones have "console quality" games once ps4/720 comes.

Soldierone2098d ago

How many gamers also have a phone to play quick little casual games? How many of those gamers would give up their PS3, xbox, or PC and stick to just crap phone games? NONE.

darthv722098d ago

would they have to give up one for the other? Cant they play both?

It isnt like they must choose. Games do get better over time. console gaming came a long way from the 2600 days. Do you really think mobile gaming will never evolve?

People said the same thing about PC gaming when it was behind consoles at the time. Things change, people change. That is how this industry has grown from such humble beginnings to rival that of any other major entertainment industry.

Soldierone2098d ago

Who is evolving it though? Only Sony and some third party peripheral makers, thats it.

I don't mind evolution, but I don't want Apple's big head invading our space. Do you want 6 month console releases, with the previous one being out dated due to poor developers? Apple constantly says they are a gaming platform, yet do absolutely nothing to address poor gameplay with a touchscreen.....

Sorry, but its also a bit annoying to see some Angry Birds fan call themselves a gamer. I don't draw a stick figure on a paper and call myself an artist.....

Outside_ofthe_Box2098d ago

I don't think he's saying that you can't play both. He's saying that smartphone games aren't at the level where real gamers would pick smartphones over any single console or PC.

Utalkin2me2098d ago


I have no clue of how you have 7 bubbles.

darthv722098d ago

I can see what you and soldier are saying. At this point in time i certainly wouldnt pick one over the other. I do feel that eventually we will hit that converging point where a mobile will double as a console.

It may be a while off but we have seen the potential for such an idea actually take place before. Then it wont be about one or the other as you will have a device that does both.

All it takes is the right company to lead the charge. I would prefer it NOT be apple but their success in taking digital media from the "underground" and making it easy to understand by everyone else could give them an edge as far as the acceptance of that idea. But obviously they lack the content of a company like sony to really drive it home.

@utalkin...maybe its because i contribute to topics of interest. I can respect others instead of question the amount of bubbles they have.

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raWfodog2098d ago

I agree. If I'm standing on line, waiting to order some food or waiting on my wife while she runs in the store to pick up some groceries then I'll play some little bs game on my phone. But I see no way that a 'gamer' would PREFER mobile phone games to console games.

thebudgetgamer2098d ago

That's stupid, I imagine very few people think of gaming capabilities when buying a phone.

princejb1342098d ago

Phone games are good for like a train ride home but they do get boring quickly
Most of the iPhone games I play no longer than a month or when I beat it

NonApplicable2098d ago

A month is actually a very long time to play an iPhone game.

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