Bug in EA’s Origin game platform allows attackers to hijack player PCs

Millions could be at risk of exploits that use Origin to execute malicious code.
More than 40 million people could be affected by a vulnerability researchers uncovered in EA's Origin online game platform allowing attackers to remotely execute malicious code on players' computers.

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Snookies122012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Whew, glad I don't use their "wonderful" service.

2pacalypsenow2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Steam has been hacked too . I dont see the point of hating on origin i delivers games just like Steam. Its not as Big and great as steam but its not bad

HammadTheBeast2012d ago

Origin is bad. Steam has ridiculous sales, and offers an offline mode, as well as being highly optimized and pretty bug free. Origin constantly disconnects and also sucks overall.

Origin sucks.

N0S3LFESTEEM2012d ago

It looks like a messy exploit... there's no way it would go unnoticed for long. Once the .DLL activated most anti-virus's would pick up on it anyways.

neoandrew2011d ago

Yeah, better use PSN service it is safe...

majiebeast2012d ago

Stop forcing people to use Origin nobody likes it its like the black sheep of digital distribution.

hiredhelp2012d ago

Sooo what's GFWL and UPLAY ?

MasterChief36242012d ago

I'm not sure about GFWL, but Uplay is Ubisoft's social network.

Waddy1012012d ago

Actually on PC uPlay is the same thing as Origin in a sense but with ubisoft games and you have to install it to launch any new ubisoft games.
I have it on my PC because i needed to install it to play Far Cry 3.

unluckynumber112012d ago

GFWL is Games For Windows Live

Reverent2012d ago

That is a terrible acronym on Microsoft's part. It sounds like "God Awful". I'm not knocking it, I'm just saying... They should really change the name to something else lol.

ScubbaSteve2012d ago

"God Awful" is an apt description.

And on behalf of PC gamers everywhere I will kindly ask you not give them any ideas about re-branding their service and trying to buy up more games for their service.

r40k2132012d ago

Trust EA to put the consumer first and develop a secure forced DRM. Oh wait.

jaymart2k2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

For a few microtranstactions you to can have a Origin Add-On Pack that protects your PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.