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Thief Reboot Can be Completed Without Killing Anyone

Anyone who enjoyed nicking everything from levels in the original Thief games without so much as alerting a fly, or doing a pacifist runthrough of the recent Dishonored, will be happy to know that the upcoming Thief reboot will allow you to do the very same. (PC, PS4, Thief)

john2  +   839d ago
Definitely great news for us Thief fans
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Derekvinyard13  +   838d ago
Which thief is the best one
RTheRebel  +   838d ago
I like Thief 2 The Metal Age, but play all of them there IMO the best stealth games ever.
PockyKing  +   839d ago
Gonna have to try the original series before I play this one.
Breadcrab  +   839d ago
If you can stomach the dated graphics, they come highly recommended. Definitely some of the most well designed gameplay and open ended levels you'll find in any title.

GOG and Steam have semi-frequent sales on the series, so there's your best bet.
barb_wire  +   838d ago
Definitely play 'Thief II' which is the best one IMO of the original trilogy..

Also, it wouldn't be a 'Thief' game if you couldn't finish the game WITHOUT killing anyone. It's a whole different play mechanic.
ninjahunter  +   839d ago
Well Crap haha, this will be the game that breaks my quicksave key.
ame22  +   838d ago
It's Thief duh.
Raoh  +   838d ago
I should hope so, the game is called thief not murderer.
maelstromb  +   838d ago
After Deus Ex: HR, I put my total faith into Eidos Montreal. If anyone can pull off another reboot of this magnitude, it's them.
Hydralysk  +   838d ago
It wouldn't be Thief if this weren't an option...
RTheRebel  +   838d ago
Damnet, if you screw this game.

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