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PC World: "If you're a little concerned about whether Gears of War: Judgment fits in with the rest of the series, you can rest easy. While it's the first Gears game to ship without the series' creator Cliff Blezinski at the helm, Judgment captures the look and feel of the main trilogy and adds cool new gameplay elements as well."

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StrongMan1864d ago

Where are the reviews for this game?

bicfitness1864d ago

There's usually an embargo except for those that are in magazines and/ or extremely glowing. I expect there will be a bit of franchise fatigue, so some good, but some middling reviews (sort of like God of War: Ascension). Embargo ends Mondayish, depending upon timezones, so some reveiws should be out soon.

Jek_Porkins1863d ago

Not sure why it would matter to you? You don't own a 360, have never played Gears and you just want to troll.

3 out of 4 of your last comments have been marked for trolling, yet you still remain. Glad I could report you once again and hopefully you'll have to use one of your other troll accounts for a while.