Turn-Based Combat Is The Best Kind Of Combat

Kotaku - Oh boy, here we go. If I'm gonna take over Jason's column for a week, that means I'm gonna talk about Japanese role-playing games. And if I'm gonna talk about Japanese role-playing games, that means I'm gonna talk about one of their defining characteristics: turn-based gameplay.

Surely turn-based combat is one of the defining characteristics of the JRPG genre. This is, of course, a video game genre that's notoriously difficult to encapsulate or define. I usually help Jason edit his column each week, and I always get a kick out of watching him write such well-articulated observations regarding a genre that's nebulous at best.

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CLOUD19832016d ago

+1 turn based makes the games much more enjoyable for me because I prefer to think my next move & use a strategy to put my enemies down than to run around in circles & spam X.. action combat makes everything so mindless & the spamming of buttons is constant & annoying..