Joakim Mogren Is Cliff Bleszinski, not Hideo Kojima... We Think

GR: "We took two looks at the photo of Joakim Mogren posted by Geoff Keighley on Instagram today, and immediately thought, "He reminds us of someone currently out of work!""

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Sev1949d ago

I feel like an exclamation point just appeared above my head when I read this.

Holy shit. This makes a LOT of sense. If so, that's one epic tag-team. Get it? Epic. And I mean EPIC.

Nimblest-Assassin1949d ago

Well understandable cliff and kojima are friends... man they are going out of their way to confuse everyone before announcing its a metal gear game

CraigandDayDay1949d ago

Cliff looks like Dane Cook to me. LoL. I've always thought

Freak of Nature1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )


I think this is a demo of Fox Engine, and that the whole what is real thing will tie directly into MGS5...

Kojima has been pushing photo realism with the fox engine, especially talking about facial renders, and keighley and mogren never in the same frame is another thing to consider.

Either way they have my attention... I'm always interested in what Kojima's got up his sleeve...

InMyOpinion1948d ago

@CraigandDayDay - I agree. He looks like a douchebag lol.

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dbjj120881949d ago

Hahaha, exclamation point. Seriously I think it could be very likely. Cliffy has third person shooter experience to help development of more action oriented Metal Gear games.

zebramocha1949d ago

@dbjj there is a suppose picture of this morgren guy on kotaku and I doubt its cliffy b because the guy eyes are kinda big and blue.

adorie1949d ago

Ermac the Comedian. ^_^

Sev1949d ago

And to think, everyone used to call me a stupid glitch.

Knight_Crawler1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Cliffy B lead developer for Moby Dick studios...picks up phone and orders a supreme meat lover stuff crust pizza from Pizza Hut and puts popcorn in microwave.

omi25p1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I have a feeling this might be right.
Kojima will be the Company Developing it.
OGRE will be the engine its run on.

Cliff Left Epic a few months before Phantom Pain was first shown.

Also why would Kojima go through so much trouble keeping the secrets of this game secrets. Then post a obvious anagram.

Il probably end up being wrong. But its fun to speculate.

Donnieboi1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Nooooooo! Keep that hyper-active, over-muscled, bro-mancing crap away from MGO...and the reason I say MGO is because we all know Kojima is looking for devs in LA to westernize the online franchise. Cliff will add all kinds of crap like regenerative and boring cover systems that slow the action to a crawl. Damnit why do Japanese companies keep westernizing stuff. Don't they see how crappy and cookie-cutter-repeat western games are to one another?

Hopefully Cliff stays the hell away from MGO.

Hayabusa 1171948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

...Because Japanesse online competitve games are sooooo much fun...

Disclaimer: And yes, Gears of War IS a truck-load-of-dolphins fun online (when it isn't lagging itself to death.)

TVippy1948d ago

Ha, you're horrible. And the guy looks NOTHING like Cliff.

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Root1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

No....just no

I don't want to think about Cliffy B having any involvement with Metal Gear


"What if Hideo Kojima and Cliff Bleszinski are working together on Metal Gear related games?"

But then you ask yourself

"Why would Kojima work with someone like Cliffy B, out of all the people in the industry.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1949d ago

I hope he has absolutely nothing to do with anything Kojima is working on. I'd rather it NOT be metal gear if cliffy is part of it.

NegativeCreepWA1949d ago

Maybe you should ask yourself, whats really so bad about Cliffy B, that's right nothing.

Root1949d ago

He's not a bad person but him and Kojima are two completely differnt people when it comes to games

If Cliffy B partnered up with...oh I don't know, David Jaffe fair enough. Big guns, explosions, lots of gore and shooting. They'd be a perfect fit but him and Kojima...just don't go.

I would of thought if Kojima ever did partner up with someone it would be Shinji Mikami or maybe someone from NaughtyDog.

vallencer1949d ago

In all fairness though cliff and kojima are friends and do know each other. They also have a mutual respect for each other and Cliff has stated that he wants to work on games that are different then Gears.

It isn't too crazy to think that they have teamed up to make something. I think it could be a good collaboration and yeah it could be a bad one too but they are both skilled at what they do and they both want to do different things too.

I don't know I'm optimistic about it. Then again I love anything Kojima puts his hands on hes a genius.

doctorstrange1949d ago

The amount of anagrams that could be made out of Cliff Bleszinski...

Sev1949d ago

My favs:

Biz Slick Sniffle
Fib Zincs Elf Silk

And then there is this:

Biz Cell Skiff Sin

Cell? As in cell processor? PS3 confirmed!!!!

...I'm kidding.

ftwrthtx1949d ago

Is this where he was hiding?

JamieL1948d ago

You want to know something funny, I had the Lonely Island Boy playing as I was reading these comments, and their "in a box" song was playing when I read this. LOL, I thought it was funny enough to post.

BigStef711949d ago

This is very interesting.We'll see tonight in the interview if Joakim Mogren is really CliffyB