Leaked Footage Of Star Wars’ Newest Take On Battlefield And Call of Duty

Over the past few days, I've been talking to multiple sources about Star Wars: First Assault, the troubled multiplayer shooter that could be LucasArts's downloadable take on Battlefield and Call of Duty.

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Gimmemorebubblez1952d ago

Disney please DO NOT ruin this game!!!

camel_toad1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Given Lucas Arts track record (over the past decade) I actually have more faith in Disney which I'm shocked to say.

ATi_Elite1952d ago

The Force is strong with this one!!!

Lior1951d ago

The force is going down the toilet once battlefield 4 is shown

Syntax-Error1952d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Disney clearly has the money to invest in this game and the industry has been waiting for a successor to Battlefront 3. This looks like it switches from 1st to 3rd through melee attacks(ala Halo) and with some polish be a solid game. Include vehicles and we can have a winner. I am sure Disney will f-ck this up like they do many other things.

prince of Persia
pirates of the Caribbean

ThatArtGuy1951d ago

Yes, because Pixar shot straight down the tube when they were bought out and The Avengers was horrible! [/sarcasm]

Zhipp1951d ago

Wasn't POTC always Disney?

jakmckratos1951d ago

Shut up Meg. Prince of Persia was fine and even the last Pirates grossed $1 billion and was a decent movie. Did they screw up Avengers? Shut your hole.I forgot how bad Oz, Tron, Wreck it Ralph and Pixar are..oh wait they're not. Chances are this game was in development way before Disney bought SW and simple little idiots don't realize how much creative control Lucas films will still have over the creation of the movies...disney will just attract bigger talent and wants the $$$$

ALLWRONG1951d ago

For the most part Disney does a pretty good job keeping Disney out of the art.

ShabbaRanks1951d ago

@ThatArtGuy LOL the Avengers was horrible

*on topic* I hope this games is the successor to Battlefront 3 that we were waiting for... but why did they add PERKS DAMMM YOU PERKSSSS !!!

arsg1951d ago


Well, Pixar did shoot straight down the tube as soon as they were acquired. Their last good movies were already in development prior to that.

adorie1951d ago


"Ed Catmull
Alvy Ray Smith
Steve Jobs"

Founded Pixar. According to Wiki, Pixar used to be the graphics department for Lucas Film.

Old McGroin1951d ago

@ jakmckratos

"Shut up Meg."

I love you just for this Family Guy reference.

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sourav931951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Wait, I thought Disney only bought LucasFilms. So LuscasArts shouldn't be affected, right? I may be wrong. Someone please correct me if that's the case.

antz11041951d ago

No, they bought all rights to Star Wars, including LucasArts. I think this is a step in the right direction.

TAURUS-5551951d ago

this is a must-buy for me.

hopefully we will see some jedis in this shooter too.

ZombieNinjaPanda1951d ago

Hijacking top comment. Someone post an alternate link, I refuse to give Kotaku hits.

Apex131951d ago

Loir: you sound like a troll from EA. Are you a EA employee trolling websites and making reference to everything EA is doing to kill the buzz of others joy?

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Muffins12231952d ago

Day 1 buy for me if it comes out

Mocat1952d ago ShowReplies(4)
Waddy1011951d ago

I have to say that this reminds me more of Team fortress 2 but set in the star wars universe rather than call of duty/battlefield.

Newmanator1952d ago

So long as there is no Quick-Scoping with a Laser Sniper I'm all in.

pompombrum1952d ago

It's about time they start to look at making another Star Wars FPS. Since battlefront 2, the genre has gone from strength to strength in popularity. Providing they make it a "Star Wars" game and not call of start wars, it should be freaking awesome.

MysticStrummer1951d ago

Sad to say, but most FPSs will be influenced by Call of Duty to one degree or another until CoD finally goes away. Even BF was changed by the CoD machine. I'd say there is a 99% chance that this game will be mindless like CoD.

tigertron1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

If you cancel this Disney I swear I'll tear Mickey Mouse a new one!

I always wanted a spiritual sequel to Republic Commando.

ravinash1952d ago

I always wondered why Mickey talked in that squeaky voice.

tigertron1952d ago

It'll be even higher if Disney cancel it.

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