'The Witcher 3' will have zero loading times

Next-generation developers seem to have an initial goal of trying to eliminate load-times all together in their games, and it seems as though "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" has accomplished such a feat.

According to information uncovered by yesterday, CD Projekt RED went on record talking about how they will not be having any load times in their upcoming open-world epic.

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NewMonday1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

they want to eliminate loading even for transition to indoors/outdoors.

generally the big RAM on the PS4/720 should make games feel like the good old SNES days.

classic2001712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Yup and I also think every building next gen should be opened for me to go inside and hide from the enemies lol.

Procedural generation will be more advance next gen where the computer can generate things more unique instead of everything being a copy cat of each other.

Think about going inside a building in GTA6 and its different than all the other buildings in the game, from the NPC that work there to how places are arrange.

If I am not mistaken I think star citizen will be using a system like this.

FarCryLover1821712d ago

That would take forever for Rockstar if they made every building and room available.

classic2001712d ago


Thats why I said they should use procedural genration, the computer automatically open up all indoor areas uniquely, its possible now more than ever to without man power.

The computer would do all the work, think of the lottery machine giving unique numbers infinitely all the time.

MidnytRain1712d ago

Wouldn't that mean re-entering a building you JUST left would make everything inside different?

ShoryukenII1711d ago

What if they generate all of the rooms once during development and ship the game so that everyone has the same rooms?

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1712d ago

If you die in the game is there a load screen while returning to the game? Just curious I haven't read the article yet.

aLucidMind1712d ago

I personally don't care about load times; they don't really pull me out of the experience too much for me to really be bothered. I can understand how others can be, though.

Anon19741712d ago

I demand my games start playing before I even know I want to play them.

NewMonday1712d ago

play Legacy of Kain on the PSone and tell me about the experience.

sdozzo1712d ago

That would be awesome. Dark Souls was close. The world was huge.

Psychotica1712d ago

Must have large RAM requirements..

linkenski1712d ago

And they sure have a lot of that with the PS4. Plus any modern day pc-gamer has at least 8gb of ram if they are serious about it.

jagstatboy1712d ago

Thank God, I will love this feature. I wonder how much of my 225+ hours in Skyrim was spent staring at a loading screen.

fossilfern1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

There is a mod for Skyrim were there is no loading screen going into the cities. Not sure about dungeons though.

InTheLab1712d ago

Takes about two seconds of loading with my PC and it's not even that nice a rig.

The only time I experience loading is when I hit the dev room and loot every item in the game. Takes about 30 seconds to open a

LAWSON721712d ago

Load times mainly depend on your hard drive or ssd so a nice rig is not required to have fast load times.

InTheLab1711d ago

that's interesting because my PS3 has a similar hdd and it takes twice as long. The only difference being a 2.5 and a standard...

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The story is too old to be commented.