A4Tech’s Bloody Ultra Core 3 V5 Series Mouse Review | GIZORAMA

GIZORAMA - Everyone seems to want to get into the high priced gaming mouse market these days and usually all that it takes is a black mouse with extra buttons, sleek design, and a few glowy parts. Most claim macros and precision in ad space that looks to be the first person shooter’s version of a beer commercial but the Bloody Ultra Core 3 V5 actually promises more. The V5 is based on what A4Tech labels as a 3 core system. Each core changes mouse functionality drastically by increasing the level of “assistance” it gives gamers. To change cores, gamers must use the Bloody 2 software that will actually change the drivers for the hardware that are registered in the operating system on the fly. Bloody 2 also handles the settings and the scripted macros for the mouse making it the go-to application for the V5’s customization.

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