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Madden 2014 Wish List (Console Monster)

So we're winding down our Madden 13 seasons, granted we still have a good few months to play it whilst the NFL off-season kicks off, but who are we kidding, we can now only think of one thing, Madden '14. Here is Console Monster's Wish List. (iPad, iPhone, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

black911  +   940d ago
1.Not to Be Published!
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nevin1  +   940d ago
I miss quality NFL games. I haven't played one since Madden 04/NFL 2K5.
Psychotica  +   940d ago
Save a game that's in progress would be nice..
Apollosupreme  +   940d ago
I agree. Also:

2. Ability to adjust weather settings in franchise mode. I hate the fact that it rains 8/10 games outdoors.
2. b) Fix the damn weather.

3. Combine stats of all players should be available in franchise mode.

4. Custom sliders should be able to be created using default slider settings for either skill setting as the base.

5. Speed up the menu interface, it was brutally slow on Vita.

6. Play-by-play WITHOUT color commentating. Seriously, the first couple games color is great but after hearing the same damn comments repeat 100 times it gets to the point where you have to just turn it off all together. By offering a play-by-play setting you can get the basics without the repeat "analysis".

7. Ability to turn off arena music... Please.

8. Ability to control the lead blocker. Oh how I miss this option from years gone past.

9. Better defense during hurry up offense. The computer can never stop me during hurry up. Hell, you guys probably can't either so this one is probably not a realistic request. :P

10. Ability to relocated team and a better stadium creator than what we've seen in the past. Bring back jersey editor as well.
detroitmademe  +   940d ago
double post.overall fix the player physics,and franchise mode should be much more deep , immersive and engaging. No one likes a super easy game.thats y alot of folks dislike assassin creed.
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detroitmademe  +   940d ago
I want more competitive A.I when facing the cpu. Example: I started a franchise with the lions & won the superbowl both years i played& didnt lose more than 3 games a season.I understand they want the game 2 be accessible to everyone but winning every game is no fun,it takes away from the drama. I even buffed all the cpu sliders & it helped a little but still way to easy.I Never even had the chance to experience wat it was like 2 b fired as a headcoach. Also the superstar mode is broken. As a superstar its very easy 2 stat pad& Break records n an unrealistic way like rushing for 3,000 yards n a single season. 2. i'd like commentators to speak more about the season ur n example :if ur quarterback has a 40% completion pct commentators should mention ur struggles,also teams should have identities like if ur the dolphins u should b labeled as a rebuilding team whereas if ur the pats ur a dynasty. also need to add n practice mode minigames complete with practice attire for player.I want these things for franchise mode .
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   940d ago
I thought WiiU wasn't getting Maden this year (and most of EA's sports titles).
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CoTton_MoUtH  +   940d ago
Madden Sucks Every Year There's some type of glitch that some noob uses to either run threw yur line for a sack or power runs left all game to get the defense tired. I've been Buying Madden every year since 99 and can say I had more fun with last console generation Madden games rather then this console generations
CoTton_MoUtH  +   940d ago
And i also think that Ea Should stop rating player's and just rate the teams just because Aaron Rogers overall is 99 shouldn't guarantee you a win
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   939d ago
ricksjames83  +   939d ago
Make it less arcade style. Don't know how many times I've seen something happen and be like that's Bs. Stuff just happening just because of a players rating regardless of the coverage. seeing passes goes threw guys and under arm pits for a catch or a pick. Or watching a safety turn around in strafe mode when there is nothing behind him and allowing crazy deep passes. Cpu getting confused allowing nanos and blocking Air. Diving around solo fumbles.
Superanto89  +   939d ago
Bring back player hold outs
Actually franchise a player for draft pick compensation
Allow players attitudes effect the moral of the team ( example allow players to request trades his moral will be low for his team trade him to make team moral happy ) allow " player give coaches a talk about there team ( example if a QB is sacked 4 times a game let him rip his o line to his coach and effect the moral and allow the coach to work the offensive harder in practice to make moral happy) allow roster bounces in re-signing players incentives to get free agents to come to your team ( example buffalo is a small market but has to try hard to get big names to come) better or custom touch down dances ( let the O-line do the fat guy shuffle lol) give custom teams a name not just say home or away team has the ball ) show number one overall draft pick go to stage with coaches ( let the number one overall pick be told before the draft like in real life so teams can trade up for second pick) allow player be suspended for conduct to the team or league policy rules being broken ( its real life might as well put it in the game) bring back offensive and defense coaches start there work with a team and get a head coaching job somewhere mid season firing and in term head coaches would be great too.

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