Madden 2014 Wish List (Console Monster)

So we're winding down our Madden 13 seasons, granted we still have a good few months to play it whilst the NFL off-season kicks off, but who are we kidding, we can now only think of one thing, Madden '14. Here is Console Monster's Wish List.

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black9111897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

1.Not to Be Published!

nevin11897d ago

I miss quality NFL games. I haven't played one since Madden 04/NFL 2K5.

Psychotica1897d ago

Save a game that's in progress would be nice..

Apollosupreme1897d ago

I agree. Also:

2. Ability to adjust weather settings in franchise mode. I hate the fact that it rains 8/10 games outdoors.
2. b) Fix the damn weather.

3. Combine stats of all players should be available in franchise mode.

4. Custom sliders should be able to be created using default slider settings for either skill setting as the base.

5. Speed up the menu interface, it was brutally slow on Vita.

6. Play-by-play WITHOUT color commentating. Seriously, the first couple games color is great but after hearing the same damn comments repeat 100 times it gets to the point where you have to just turn it off all together. By offering a play-by-play setting you can get the basics without the repeat "analysis".

7. Ability to turn off arena music... Please.

8. Ability to control the lead blocker. Oh how I miss this option from years gone past.

9. Better defense during hurry up offense. The computer can never stop me during hurry up. Hell, you guys probably can't either so this one is probably not a realistic request. :P

10. Ability to relocated team and a better stadium creator than what we've seen in the past. Bring back jersey editor as well.

detroitmademe1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

double post.overall fix the player physics,and franchise mode should be much more deep , immersive and engaging. No one likes a super easy game.thats y alot of folks dislike assassin creed.

detroitmademe1897d ago

I want more competitive A.I when facing the cpu. Example: I started a franchise with the lions & won the superbowl both years i played& didnt lose more than 3 games a season.I understand they want the game 2 be accessible to everyone but winning every game is no fun,it takes away from the drama. I even buffed all the cpu sliders & it helped a little but still way to easy.I Never even had the chance to experience wat it was like 2 b fired as a headcoach. Also the superstar mode is broken. As a superstar its very easy 2 stat pad& Break records n an unrealistic way like rushing for 3,000 yards n a single season. 2. i'd like commentators to speak more about the season ur n example :if ur quarterback has a 40% completion pct commentators should mention ur struggles,also teams should have identities like if ur the dolphins u should b labeled as a rebuilding team whereas if ur the pats ur a dynasty. also need to add n practice mode minigames complete with practice attire for player.I want these things for franchise mode .

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