Steam Workshop modder able to censor and ban users amid accusations of uploading stolen mods

Steam Workshop user SupernaturalKath was accused of uploading jonwd7's "Footsteps" mod for Skyrim and claiming the work as their own. When jonwd7 became aware of this he started a discussion on her mod page with links to the mods that had been stolen from the Skyrim Nexus. He was then banned from posting in discussions on Skyrim Workshop and found his original posts edited by SupernaturalKath (note the last edited by line.)

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Muffins12231986d ago

Wow what a douchbag...thats not right that he gets away with this :c

Snookies121986d ago

Wow, I actually just installed that mod from the Nexus. D:

porkChop1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

I just checked her profile. Valve removed all of the mods/files. There's nothing there anymore.

Anyway, it's ridiculous that Valve would give mod creators the power to ban people from posting comments, and even edit their posts and thread titles. I mean, come on Valve. How did you not see this coming?

Edit: She was given a Steam Community ban. Good, that's what you get for being a thieving bitch.

kostchtchie_1985d ago

so no warning just a straight out ban? lmao

Blank1985d ago

I love valve for acting so quick typically this would blow up, an this issue is not a small one to ignore this is the work of people dedicating there time and valve acknowledged it immediately before scummy journalist try to do a contraversy article long live valve!