Witcher 3 has 100 hours of total playtime, dev says

CD Projekt Red claims main story accounts for 50 hours, with another 50 for "additional stories"; new screenshots released.

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Irishguy951937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Hope these side quests have the quality they had in the previous game. Loved the stories that went along with them. Remember the Succubus?

Edit- Lol, Dandelion you fool

Really Phoenix? Dark souls took me like 80 hours

yes banbrother...geralt does hit that

aliengmr1937d ago

"F***ing idiot went in."

papashango1937d ago

I don't put all my stock in CD Projekt Red as they are still fine tuning and unlocking their potential. However it looks like W3 might be the game to show off how far they've come.

I've been following this studio since they were doing two man presentations on youtube in 07. They put an extreme emphasis on quality and I've been waiting patiently for them to develop the experience I've known they were capable of.

Witcher 3 may be that title.

aliengmr1937d ago

Its more than the quality of their games, its their ethos as a company. Its how they stand by them after release and push to add value.

The Witcher 1 and 2 were great games, not perfect, but CDPR didn't just say, but proved they valued my patronage. That makes it very easy to overlook flaws.

Sounds like you are setting the bar pretty high for CDPR. If they haven't met your standards yet then I'm afraid you are going to be disappointed.

They earned my business with the first game, I don't expect perfection day 1 because I know they will do they best they can.

Did I get the line wrong or something? Because it makes no sense at all to disagree with something Geralt said in the game.

BanBrother1937d ago

Oh yea, I remember the Succubus. If I were Dandelion, I would have went in as well, even if I died *afterwards*.

Did Geralt actually have sex with the Succubus? I think in the Australian version we didn't get to :(

Donnieboi1936d ago

When will it finally release?

PhoenixRising371937d ago

hey, that's 40% of the time i put into dark souls!

Gamer-401937d ago

Dark Souls it is a dungeon crawler style, not 100% RPG, not city, not villages, not many NPC.

The Witcher a true RPG.

PhoenixRising371937d ago

idk what that has to do with anything but i'll take your word for it.

Mr-SellJack1937d ago

me too!My playtime is more than 300hrs!it's easily my most played game this generation

Heavenly King1937d ago

I have played MGS4 and DMC4 for more than than. What it matters the most is if you really enjoy the game.

Detoxx1937d ago

This game is just getting better and better

NYC_Gamer1937d ago

I'm gonna complete every single side quest

porkChop1937d ago

Glad to see the main quest length is more W1 (60 hours), rather than W2 (20 hours). That was my biggest gripe with W2, good game but far too short.

100 hour open world RPG, that's great. That's why I love Bethesda games so much. They're so large and they're practically endless because there's just so much to do.

NYC_Gamer1937d ago

I agree,Witcher 2 was short and felt it ended too soon.

Myze1937d ago

W2 was a bit short, but I did like that it was an open world game that had focus.

While I like Skyrim, the game (and series, as with most open world games) had a very mediocre story because they felt compelled to leave everything so open-ended.

I think the biggest problem that developers have when making an open world game (apart from technical) is they think they have to make it seem completely open. The problem is that until we have much more advanced, free-thinking AI in games, storylines will NOT compare to the more focused storylines.

The Witcher series does a great job of having an open world environment, while still clearly laying a path for the storyline as the main focus (rather than having focus on the open world, with storyline almost a big side-mission). Thankfully, (again, unlike Skyrim) the sidequests are actually good and seem relevant as well.

Can't wait for Witcher 3. W2 was my favorite WRPG last year, so I'm hoping I can expect the same or more for this one.

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