Eight 3DS Games Nintendo Needs to Bring to the West

Nintendo wants to bring more Japanese third-party games over to North America, but what could it have in mind?

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Kalowest1874d ago

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Time Travelers and Beyond the Labyrinth are the main games I want.

BullyMangler1874d ago

Yes, X-troopers looks and seems rad!

InsaneChronos1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

EX Troopers is not a 3DS exclusive, so it must be removed from the list.

--Onilink--1874d ago

Where does it say in the article its only exclusives?? Time travelers is not exclusive either

InsaneChronos1874d ago

Then how these games are connected to Nintendo? Why Nintendo needs to bring it to the west? Why not Aksys or Xseed?

--Onilink--1874d ago

I would add the other rpg from level 5 on the list, fantasy life or something like that, i cant remember the name

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