Eight 3DS Games Nintendo Needs to Bring to the West

Nintendo wants to bring more Japanese third-party games over to North America, but what could it have in mind?

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Kalowest1746d ago

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Time Travelers and Beyond the Labyrinth are the main games I want.

BullyMangler1746d ago

Yes, X-troopers looks and seems rad!

False-Patriot1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

EX Troopers is not a 3DS exclusive, so it must be removed from the list.

--Onilink--1746d ago

Where does it say in the article its only exclusives?? Time travelers is not exclusive either

False-Patriot1746d ago

Then how these games are connected to Nintendo? Why Nintendo needs to bring it to the west? Why not Aksys or Xseed?

--Onilink--1746d ago

I would add the other rpg from level 5 on the list, fantasy life or something like that, i cant remember the name

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