Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Action Blockbuster Trailer

In the heat of a vicious war, Alpha & Bravo are all that remain to stand against the cartel. Bullets will fly, buildings will crumble, and a new mysterious enemy will emerge! It's double or nothing!

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Grimhammer001994d ago

I prepaid this sucker.
I know it's just explosions and craziness.
But I dig the series. About the only game where bro times doesn't annoy me.

Lol at how the chick doesn't where a mask....after all if your hawt why hide it?!

RememberThe3571994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Looks like the shallow grab-your-balls-while-jumping- off-a-cliff-with-a-hand-grenad e-and-a-bottle-of-bourbon kind of games I've been looking for. Are the bottle of bourbon and the hand grenade the same thing? We don't know, we're just being badass.

pandehz1994d ago

This ones gonna break records in sales..

....for lowest sold game ever

isarai1994d ago

GOD this game looks so bland and soulless

DeadlyFire1994d ago

Explosions and guns? What is so wrong about that?