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Ex-Valve designer Tom Leonard confirms existence of Source 2 engine

"According to his Linked In profile, Valve veteran Tom Leonard - who was released earlier this month from the company - lists a particular and expected engine as being in development during the time of his departure." (Industry, Valve)

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jidery  +   888d ago
Great news.

While source 1 is great technology, its very limited. Look at Portal 2, visually it's fantastic, but the game had a loading screen every 5 minutes. That is unacceptable.
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Septic  +   888d ago
Source 2 will be a game changer if the first engine is anything to go by.

Here come the HL3 rumours!
Root  +   888d ago
I hope we see this shown off at E3 with Half Life 3

It has to be announced this year, it takes them like 5-7 months for it to come out after it's announced anyway so E3 would be a great time to reveal it...just in time for 2014

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