PS4 is a Great System “For Developers”

The official confirmation of the PlayStation 4 from Sony was something that many people had long awaited since rumblings first surfaced on the internet. The event held in New York City by Sony provided some great insight into the direction the company is moving, with a lot of promising ideas at the forefront. Yet one statement that constantly resonated throughout the entire conference was the concept of PlayStation 4 being a saving grace for game developers. And while this is very appealing and something that will lead to some great titles down the line, it is also the seeds of what could possibly be a problem for Sony in the years to come. Shouldn’t the PS4 be a great system for gamers as much as it is for developers? Aren’t those who buy the games in the end supposed to be the first priority for a company like Sony? This is where aspects of the presentation in New York City start to take a very interesting turn.

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jaggernaut251676d ago

Hopefully being a great console "for developers" results in them being able to make better games more easily. If that happens, as it should, then that in turn leads to a better experience for gamers.

I think the general idea is that a better console "for developers" is a prerequisite to a better console "for gamers." That's the IDEA I think...time will tell!

wsoutlaw871676d ago

Ya thats obvious. Better for the makers of the games and their ability to really make games great, means better games, which is better for people who like games obviously. This author trying to make that sound like a bad thing is ridiculous.

Godchild10201676d ago

I hope it means cheaper development cost which means more games or more unique experiences in new IPs or existing ones.

RememberThe3571676d ago

GG said the new Killzone wasn't a huge jump from the other games in the series cost wise (they said the team went from 120 to 150 people). We'll probably see less games with the $60 price tag as they will cost a bit more to make and every publisher seems to agree that they flooded the market this gen and that cut into their profit margins. But we'll probably see more of these indie games, at least on the PS4 with Sony allowing self-publishing. This next gen is going to be interesting.

SilentNegotiator1676d ago

A great system for developers is a great system for the gamers.

mistertwoturbo1676d ago

Oh my lord, this site reaks of Anti-Sony stuff every time.

So last generation, PS3 gamers got shoddy ports, lost exclusive games, missed out on "exclusive DLC" to the 360, waited too long for certain titles like GT5 etc. all because developers had a hard time coming to gripes with the console. Who really lost? The consumers. (Not to say we didn't end up with good stuff.) The 360 fanboys were on this like flies on crap.

But this time around, Sony designs as console to remove any burdens to let the developers have freedom of creativity, now stupid sites like this is spinning it into a negative thing.

What in the world is wrong with you people?

If developers get the right tools and the right platform, they will make better games, and the consumers will benefit.

cleverusername1676d ago

That's why anything on this site needs to be taken with a sack of salt!

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rbailey1676d ago

Great article and I especially like how you pointed out how they emphasized PS4 is GREAT for DEVELOPERS. Some will assume that every DEVELOPER is also a GAMER as well but in some cases this isn't always true by default. When I hear the system is made with Developers in mind, I immediately cringe at the thought of this being overpriced but easily accessible for people who want to make games on it. In any event, many are willing to spend 600 dollars on a new console so in that case I'd say to them do what you will...

KwietStorm1676d ago

I cannot for the life of me understand how this is all being taken out of context. Its great for developers, meaning ease of.....development. Its what we all want as software programmers. Nobody wants to run into problems before they even get started, just because it wasn't engineered properly. Its about making a platform that developers can jump right into and be efficient with. How this can be a bad thing or even a questionable thing is beyond my comprehension. Sony finally gets around to fixing one of the biggest criticisms they received this generation, only to be criticized for fixing it. LOL inconceivable.

majiebeast1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

I was very happy to see Tim Schafer in the ps4 dev video. So they didnt just ask the very big developers for their opinion on the ps4.

Also it will improve the quality of pc ports so that as a playstation+pc gamer makes me very happy.

Now if a developer cant program for ps4 they cant blame the system but only their own skill(Looking at you bugthesda).

Root1676d ago

Me aswell I'm glad Tim was featured on it

I was really enjoying the differnt developers they got on


...well except Tameem Antoniades

ElectroJade1676d ago

Gamers should admire the fact that Sony is focusing on game development. Highlighting lesser-known game developers is also an admiring feature. After all, gamers want something different. Most of us are getting sick of the shitty franchises out there at the moment.

Nick2120041676d ago

Hope Sony receives better third party support than with the PS3 at launch

brettyd1676d ago

Sounds like they will, the days of PS owners getting shafted on multiplatform games should be over.

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