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EA and Crytek are about to release the third major installment within the ‘Crysis’ franchise, a series of games that have become synonymous with amazing graphics and high-action gameplay.

Many games suffer from the pitfalls of making a third installment of a series. The writers are burdened with the task of wrapping up all of the loose-ends and plot-points, while still having to offer new content for players. Games are of course limited in the amount of gameplay they can offer, more so when running on such a graphics heavy title like Crysis 3. There is only so much space on a disc but the developers of Crysis 3 seemed to take the obvious choice, they condensed the plot and streamlined the story.

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Very insightful comment. Helps rasie that there post count aye? lol....

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I was just making a comment on a game I am interested in. What are you commenting on?

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Its that time of the month eh?

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what's your deal? he just said it's a great game..

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Crysis 2 wasn't ok but I think this one going to be great