Day Z Standalone - New Screenshots

Dean "Rocket" Hall and the rest of the crew at Bohemia Interactive decided to share a few screenshots showing off the face models and the different ethnicities in DayZ and some images of the new map.

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RamsesNum11974d ago

Loving the new zombie survival genre.

MrGunny941974d ago

Looking awesome keep it up Rocket

SlapHappyJesus1974d ago

They already have a nice base.
Just need to clean everything up, rework some of the mechanics and better optimize the engine. Simply make it a worthwhile purchase for those already playing the mod.

Nothing, from what I've seen so far, suggests any less. Very much looking forward to this one. Should have my pc ready in a month or so.

RedSoakedSponge1974d ago

i got my new pc purely for dayz lol. been playing the mod and its addictive as hell. if anyone is on the fence about getting this, they shouldnt be. it will eat your entire gaming life lol.

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