PlayStation Meeting: The PlayStation 4 And My Hopes And Expectations

One Hit Pixel: "With the reveal for the PlayStation 4 now two days away, the excitement is reaching peak levels with wishlists and ‘must-haves’ being feverishly discussed. So, I’ve come up with a few of my own."

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nigelp5201973d ago

Sony has the best 1st party support so i dont care about the games. But I do wish Planetside 2 could be ported to ps4. I Only care about Next Gen Psn features, Next Gen Home, and ability to play physical ps1,ps2,ps3 games

DanJenkoFMV1973d ago

I'd like to see backwards compatibility, but I don't think it'll be implemented. Wasn't really with the PS3 and it wasn't that much of an issue.

darthv721973d ago

the biggest surprise of this event would not be the reveal of the PS4. I mean it could be the worst kept secret because we all know its some point.

The biggest megaton reveal would be if they say you can buy it in stores as of Feb 21st. No-one would ever have suspected that.

dboyman1973d ago

Maybe a "Premium Deluxe " model will be announced that will have Cell/RSX built in as an OPTION for those who want BC....

TheGrevster1973d ago

Sort out PSN chat and online play and I'm sold.

yesmynameissumo1973d ago

What needs sorted out with online play? Chat I get, but online play?

TheRealHeisenberg1973d ago

I hope it is $300 or less. I expect it to be $500 or more.

NastyLeftHook01973d ago

bring da big guns dehyah sonie . da bing ones mopa.

IcicleTrepan1973d ago

another pointless article..

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