NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan With GK110 GPU Unleashed – Decimates All Single Chip GPUs

NVIDIA today finally unleashes after a long wait their GeForce GTX Titan which is based on the highly efficient and powerful GeForce Kepler architecture. The GeForce GTX Titan with its GK110 core delivers amazing GPU performance and a massive 6 GB memory for users to run higher resolution 3D Stereoscopic and 3D Vision setups.

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Pain_Killer1951d ago

3 Titans outperform Quad-Way GTX 690's, Holy Damn!

PC gamers this is a moment of rejoice. :D

NOOBKILLA1951d ago

They are only making 10,000 cards for the entire world?!?!?

Pain_Killer1951d ago

Yeah, 10,000 lucky (rich) guys would hold this amazing GPU.

NameRemoved00171951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

The initial stock is 10k, they are making more and also EVGA and Asus are making them.

People saying an oced card is faster are wrong. They didn't include that the Gtx titan will be the overclocking King of Gpus. Equipped with an improved 690 cooler and new overclocking software that can overvolt it we will see the gtx titan pushed to limits we can't even dream of on current gpus.

Pain_Killer1951d ago

True that, the new GPU Boost 2.0 tech for Titan allows manual overclock/overvolt hence better overclocking by enthusiasts.

As i said, the Titan is a treat for enthusiasts and PC gamers. :)

NameRemoved00171951d ago

I am going to buy 2 of these so I can run 3 1080p monitors on every game maxed.

meetajhu1951d ago

***Running in Circles***

SonyNGP1951d ago

I think I'll wait for the 700 series (unless this IS the 700 series) before I upgrade. I'm still doing fine with my GTX 570s on SLI.

bumnut1951d ago

My SLI 570's are starting to struggle with some new games, but I play at 2560 x 1440.

Breaks my heart to turn detail settings down:)

RedDeadLB1951d ago

If I remember, although vaguely, this GTX Titan was supposed to originally be the GTX 680, but absence of competitive product from AMD's side, nVidia was forced to relabel the then weaker chip (the to-be GTX 660 I believe) to the 680.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I believe I read it somewhere way before the GTX 680 was to be released.

Plagasx1951d ago

Lol, I would have to sell my PC for this.

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The story is too old to be commented.